Name Your Big Rocks First by Betsy Ringer, "Transition Physician"

So, I LOVE helping women navigate transitions in life. Transition is a synonym for progression! When we are in transition we “feel” stuck, but if we can view it as progressing, we will have a whole new outlook. Some typical transitions include:

  • Discovering your design and purpose
  • Changing job/career
  • Growing in a Leadership role
  • Moving into Midlife and beyond
  • Experiencing new life stage or role
  • Stuck and wanting to move forward

Something that gets me stuck sometimes and unable to move forward is not taking the time to name my priorities. I work like a crazy woman and feel like I’m not getting anywhere. I get a lot done, but not what I REALLY want to get done. I work with a lot of women and I know this is a common issue.

I invite you to watch this TERRIFIC video and learn the importance of putting your “Big Rocks First!”

Big Rocks First video

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