iBloom Special Annoucement

iBloom Special Announcement:

God Has Uniquely Designed You! And we have the tool to help you discover more.

Are you exhausted from going through the motions?

Are you desperate to know your unique God-given design?

Are you all grown up, but have no idea what to do?

Do you feel like your life is just wasting away?


Wait, no, that sounds bad… Not great that you feel that way but great because we can help!

iBloom is launching a new community called iDiscover. This community has something for YOU! Something that:

  • You are going to want
  • that can change your life
  • that can get you excited about your life again
  • that can provide clarity and direction and…

wait, are you excited yet? Can you sense it?

That feeling in your gut that this is what you have been praying for, hoping for, and believing that God would send you? Us too! We have been praying for this community and for YOU for so long. At iBloom, we have a burden on our hearts to help every woman in the world discover who God created her to be. We know there are women out there who are unclear about their direction, their strengths, their purpose. We know because we WERE those women!

Now that we are on the other side, we can’t wait to invite you in. Invite you into a way of life that is foreign from what you are experiencing now. Can you even imagine what it would be like to move beyond the mundane to a life where:

  • you know your unique God-given custom blueprint for YOUR life,
  • live into who God created you to be,
  • and ultimately live a life of fulfillment!

It is possible, it is within your reach, and it can start as soon as you take the next step and join women from around the world who are discovering their unique God-given design and living a life of passion, balance, purpose, and fulfillment.

For more information on the iDiscover Community,

visit www.idiscovercommunity.com.

There are a variety of paths (or memberships) available to accommodate your availability and resources. In fact, all paths include a 7-day FREE trial which includes a coaching session with an iBloom certified coach, so you can try it completely risk free.

New groups are beginning SOON and we want YOU to join women around the world on this life-changing journey!

2 NEW Path B Groups Beginning in October…

Friday, October 16th at Noon EST

(3rd Friday of each month)

iBloom Associate, Leigh Ann Napier

Thursday, October 23rd at 7:30pm EST

(3rd Thursday of each month)

iBloom Associate, Betsy Ringer

NEW Path C Group Beginning in November…

November 5th 6pm-7pm EST

(1st Thursday of each month)

iBloom Founder & President, Kelly Thorne

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in yourself and begin living the life you were created to live!

Visit www.idiscovercommunity.com for more information or to join women from around the world on this life changing journey.

Kelly Thorne Gore


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