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iBloom Team

Kelly Thorne Gore


  1. I just found iBloom tonight and have already ordered 3 “Love My Life” books. I can see that we are going to have a nice long friendship! 🙂

  2. Sherry H. says:

    I am really EXCITED about this book iChoose2 Love My Life!! I can’t wait to receive it and get started!

  3. Just starting my business so this is coming at a PERFECT time for me. So many things to think about, so many fears to overcome!! Here’s to SUCCESS as God defines it!!

  4. I just finished part 1 of the ibloom in Business seminar and am very much looking forward to getting this book! I hope to get my business up and running soon! My goal is to help people. I know that is my calling and God’s purpose for my life. I know who I must help, I just need to leave it in God’s hands to make it a reality now. I wonder if I should have gotten iChoos2 Love My Life too?

  5. Trying to get my bookstore going is already on site. My last day of my secular job is 5/31/13 this upcoming Friday!!!! Woohooo, hoping and believing this is a new season in my life and that God is all over it. Trusting Him all the way. Kelly I just purchased Ibloom Business. Here I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I just bought the iChoose2 Love My Life book for myself and my sister. I am so glad I found this website, I know it’s not by mistake! Thank you Kelly and team. 🙂

  7. Just stumbled on you this morning via Twitter as I was looking to grow a following for my business. I could not be more excited since you are a Christian Organization…the little bit I read was so in line with the way the Lord has my heart wired! Yay!

  8. I found you on Pinterest. I was looking to connect with other Christian business women. So glad I have found you. I have started working through the iBloom in Business Book and I am so excited to learn new things and to see where the Lord is leading me. Yay!

    Have a blessed day!

  9. Just ordered by planner! Can’t wait to start using it and preparing for 2014!

  10. Susan Wagner says:

    Just bought the 2014 planner and IChoose 2 Love my life book. Very excited to get them and start planning and reading. 2014 Here I come!!!!

  11. I know that my joy needs renewed and I need some coaching but need to start off small – so glad I found your books. I am looking forward to growing and gaining clarity and of course discovering joy in the process. Love your videos and your faith.

    Thanks in advance!!

  12. Honored to be among you amazing women <3 Thankful for the resources <3

  13. This planner is amazing!

  14. I stumbled across the website looking for a planner last night. I ordered the planner immediately and am back today ordering the iBloom in Life!! I think we’ll have a long friendship!

  15. Sheree Poole says:

    Hi Kelly:

    Found out about your awesome planner through the Womens Bible Café. I hope to receive it soon as I have so much going on and I need to get organized. Thank you.

  16. Rebecca Rojero says:

    I just ordered your book, can’t wait to start reading. Where can I order iBloom Journal?

  17. Ladies, I have personally purchased so many iBloom products and have NEVER been disappointed. Every single item, teleconference, etc. is well worth every dime. Thank you to Kelly and the iBloom team for turning out such quality and useful work. I truly appreciate all you do and love following you!!!

  18. Susan Wagner says:

    Ditto for me too Tammy!!!!!! I love all the products and following iBloom also. I just ordered 5 of the journals thinking they would great gifts and going to keep one for myself.

  19. Just purchased Betsy’s One Talk resource guide. This is going to be my summer project! I can’t wait to get started.

  20. Ginny VanOsKeuls says:

    just signed up for the I-Bloom Webinar on Social Media, I won’t be able to watch today while at work, but am looking forward to the link to hear later on. Thank you so much for your information and beliefs in a better life for all of us. I am going to my Thirty-One national conference next week so hoping to be inspired even more.

  21. Deanetta Thompson says:

    I love your organization cant’t wait to get all the products I ordered. God Bless.

  22. Love your energy. I’ve been praying about joining your organization for a very long time (it seems to me at least, lol), and here I finally am!

  23. Jennifer Maynard says:

    I just ordered the download of the Social Media book. I received my receipt but not the download. Does it come in a separate email? Thanks! Excited to get started!

  24. I wish you offered a page per day format

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