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I LOVED being able to share the 5 BIG secrets that most women are making and how YOU can avoid them. I covered several key things that you can begin implementing immediately.

Here’s what a few of the live attendees had to say:

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Our iBloom Team is SO grateful for you! I’m praying God’s abundant blessings over you and your business.



Want to know one of the BIG mistakes before the free training?

It’s time management.

I talk to many women in business who really struggle with knowing how to manage their time wisely.  This might be YOU, if you find yourself:

  • Moving the same tasks from one day on your planner to the next, over and over
  • Challenged by the demands of work, children, home, and feeling like there is no time left for you
  • Wondering where the days, weeks, years went
  • Feeling frustrated by what didn’t get accomplished each day
  • Feeling like there is never enough time to complete what needs to be done
  • Wanting to spend more time with friends and family but you’re just too busy to work it all in

If this describes you, then you are not alone! MANY women in business feel this way. If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and start seeing REAL RESULTS… in all areas of your life, then I have a special deal for you!

I want you to have instant access to my training: Turn Your Goals Into Reality: A Step By Step Guide To Successfully Managing Your Time, so you can start addressing this area before our online training on July 29th. This product is normally $67, but since you registered for the FREE training and are ready to avoid the big mistakes, then I want you to save BIG!


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Kelly Thorne Gore


  1. I am excited to learn from you! I am good on time management. I am OCD so everything has to be organized , planned and on time. I am actually always early for everything! I will be looking into your planner!

  2. Janice Cook says:

    I decided not to sign up for TalkShoe after reading the terms and conditions. Third party access to my email address and phone number means I will receive unsolicited ads and phone calls that “that I may not be able to opt out of “. In this busy world, who would want that? So many times I just check the box and this time I decided to take the time to read the terms and conditions and I’m glad I did. I am surprised you are using their services under these circumstances.

    • Hi Janice! We’ve used TalkShoe for years and never had an issue with unwanted ads or phone calls. To my knowledge, all of the platforms similar to TalkShoe have that same info, if you know of one that doesn’t, please let me know. If we allowed that to stop us, then we wouldn’t get to teach women all over the world. I’m sorry that you won’t be joining us. You’ll still get access to the recording after the training and that won’t require your email, etc. Blessings to you!

  3. I had the Dr. And am an Hr. Late!? says:

    No computer, but phone till Friday, and Dr. Apt. Just let out, so behind, and not great on computer, anyway! I like the personal touch, and am already taking a screen writing / marketing, course, shoot in foot by adding “women’s” to anything, what about my acting/writing,gay boys? Free offer too early,TOO many ads! this course should be enough, stand alone. the ” But wait, now……, delegitimized your original product, don’t sell short. Just some golden Nuggets, I just got on my new on line course ,4 I men, women, and in between! Actress, singer, director, improv! Hubby partner, and 38 years of Info. No charge!
    AD. Agency, writer, director, actor comedian! Keeping it reals, Mike and Mike! 34 years Aug.” Foster thee youth in thee Arts!” My motto!

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