Congrats on being a Motivated Maggie!

Congrats on being in the Motivated phase of your business. This can be the most stressful phase of business. You are excited about having a plan and feeling like you’re beginning to gain group, but now you want to know HOW to make your business more profitable and less stressful.

Can you relate?

If so, you’re in the right place!

I want to help you get a jumpstart on this phase, so I’ve put together a 4-part video series to cover some of the most important pieces to help you excel at this stage.

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iBloom Team

Our iBloom Team is on a mission to inspire women all over the world to live lives they love. We help women design their life around their priorities where they choose daily to love God, love others, and love themselves while enjoying their personal definition of success in both life and business. iBloom in Business exists to provide women in business a “dream team.” We want to help you build a successful business while living a life you love! You no longer have to do lots of research to find each “expert” who can support your business. Our Founder, Kelly Thorne Gore, has done the hard work for you when she assembled a team comprised of the experts in their fields. Our team works together on each project, offering a seamless resource center for all of your business needs including: business coaching & consulting, branding, logo design, website services, social media consulting, copywriting, and more. We want to partner with you as you succeed in your business and in your life!


  1. I find it really hard to come up with a plan for my personal goals or to break it down into steps and to write it down.

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