Social Media Services

Social Media Evaluation:

Create a community that not only LOVES what you do and offer, but also a community that is comprised of your ideal client that chooses to do business with YOU! It’s not enough just to have a Facebook page and Twitter account; you need to be creative in drawing people in with your posts and engagement. Your social media presence can bring you the results that you desire! Let me show you how!

This package includes:

A customized, video analysis of:

    • How you look to your ideal customer
    • How you look compared to your competition
    • What social media pieces you need to re-evaluate
    • Information & advice about how to hone your social media platforms
    • Information & advice about how to create consistency on your social media platforms
    • Information & advice about where you may want to invest in your social media presence




Social Media Strategy: 

You may be asking yourself why having a social media strategy is even necessary. Isn’t social media just about posting posts that revolve around your product and/or service? If not, then why bother with social media?

Social media is all about community; building a community of followers who see you as the expert, the go-to person in your specific niche.  Creating that community where people come to trust you and what you have to say, requires a strategy.

Having a social media strategy will help you:

  • Define what social media success looks like for you (no, it doesn’t mean having 1 million fans)
  • Identify the social media platforms you should be on (no, you don’t have to be on them all)
  • Really understand what your ideal client wants to know more about
  • Know who your competitors are; what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong
  • Know and understand who the top influencers are in your niche
  • Know what to say that will resonate with your ideal client

Dr. Jen wants to see you succeed online! She wants to help you get your message out clearly to your ideal customer. She wants to help you create a community of loyal fans that keep coming back to YOU (and referring you to others) as their go-to person; their expert!

Dr. Jen can help you implement a social media strategy that will connect you with the individuals who are interested in what you have to offer.

After completing a Social Media Marketing Questionnaire, Dr. Jen will create a detailed, personalized social media strategy that will get you moving in the right direction. In other words, she’ll make you look like you know what you are doing online while you are busy doing what you ENJOY doing.

This strategy will include:

  • The top 3 social media platforms you should be on and why
  • The top 10 keywords for your niche
  • The top 10 #hashtags for your niche
  • Your top 3 competitors: what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong
  • The top groups you should be involved with on social media
  • 8-10 Blog topics that will help you be seen as the expert in your field
  • Researching of 10 Facebook pages to include in an interest list
  • Top 10 Twitter influencers that you need to connect with
  • Copy and recommendations for 3 Facebook ads that you can implement right away!
  • Suggested Daily Plan to get the most out of Social Media




1:1 Social Media Mentoring:

Let Dr. Jen mentor you as you meet together for a private, 1:1 mentoring session. During this 45-minute session, Dr. Jen will answer any social media questions that you may have. She will help you understand the ins and outs of your platforms, give specific tips and strategies on how to best utilize your platforms, help you brainstorm specific ideas on growing your platforms, engaging with your communities and measuring your success.

1 Session: $197


3 Sessions: $500



Social Media VIP Day:

Looking to go deeper with your social media platforms? Tired of wasting time on social media and feeling like you are getting nowhere? Feeling like:

  • you get little engagement no matter how hard you try
  • you’re just not sure what content to share
  • you don’t know where to find your ideal client
  • you have to be on social media all the time in order to be successful
  • you just don’t know where to start?

If you are ready for a personalized social media strategy that will get you from where you are to where you want to be, faster, more efficiently and cost effectively, than a Social Media VIP Day With Dr. Jen is perfect for you! During this time (9:00 AM EST-2:00 PM EST), you will:

  • Review your current social media platforms and discuss what’s working and what’s not working (social media audit)
  • Tips and strategies that will help YOU create your signature story what will appeal to your ideal client
  • Tips and strategies to help position you as the expert in your field
  • Campaign ideas that will grow your communities and increase engagement
  • Creation of your unique, marketing “buzz” statements that you can use time and time again
  • receive a 15-20 page social media strategy that you can begin implementing right away! This strategy includes keywords for your niche, hashtags you should be using, FB advertising campaigns to grow your community, influencers you need to interact with, etc.
  • Downloadable recording of your virtual VIP Day


  • Access to Dr. Jen’s One-Year Social Media Challenge
  • Access to Dr. Jen’s Social Media Daily Checklist
  • Access to Dr. Jen’s two-day Social Media Strategy Training
  • Three 45-minute follow-up coaching sessions with Dr. Jen after your VIP Day