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Which Woman in Business Are You?

Are you a Dreaming Dana, Start-Up Stacy, Motivated Maggie, or a Rocking-It Rachel?

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Whether you’re in direct sales, network marketing, an entrepreneur, a business owner, or are dreaming of having a business one day, this quiz will help YOU gain clarity and focus on what you need to do to move forward in your business.

To get started, take this quick business quiz. You’ll be able to:

  • Identify which woman in business you are.
  • Get instant access to a FREE Training that will help you THRIVE in this season of your business {valued at $97}.
  • Gain awareness of common pitfalls you might encounter and how to avoid them.
  • Receive a $10 Gift Certificate for anything in the iBloom Store (just our way of saying THANK YOU for taking the quiz).

In case you’re wondering, your results will not be published for all the world to see. This is for YOUR benefit and it may just be the most productive quiz you’ll ever take!

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What Others Are Saying About the Quiz:

MaryThe iBloom quiz is a wonderful tool! It helped me know exactly how to move forward in my business and the next steps to take. I had been overwhelmed not knowing the next step or exactly where I fit in the entrepreneur world. This quiz helped me get on the right track and move forward. Since implementing the next steps, my business has grown so much. I have a long term plan for personal growth and business growth. The best part is that this is helping me live into my priorities of family first and learning how to balance it all without letting important things slide. ~Mary Clendenin, The Encouraging Home ,Young Living Essential Oils


PamWhen my husband and I sat down to discuss the upcoming new year we set some hefty financial goals and I was faced with the decision to intentionally and drastically grow my small online business, or call it a hobby and invest my work time somewhere else.

I knew choosing to grow meant I’d need to seek out some business training as the Googled tutorials could only take me so far. And so I researched various trainings, mastermind groups, and coaches— praying to find the one what would fit my needs and give me the knowledge that could propel my business and help meet our family’s goals.

I stumbled upon iBloom’s “Which Business Owner Are You?” quiz during my research. After submitting my answers to the quiz, I received value-packed results and brief video trainings that helped me analyze the stage of my business and guide me to the next step for business and personal growth.

As I’ve continued to take part in the “next steps” iBloom offers, I’ve been surrounded with knowledgeable and inspiring women in business who are ready, willing, and best of all—ABLE to help meet my questions, concerns, and goals. The interactive feedback I’ve received has been priceless, and thanks to the training and a lot of hard work, I’m over half way to the goal my husband and I set just a few months ago. ~ Pam Odd, Keeping Life Creative

JenI liked the videos from Kelly introducing and talking about each segment. It’s nice to connect a face and a voice. It made personal to me.

Helped to determine what phase I’m in which, at the time, is better than I thought. Still in this phase but I’m making progress.

The PDFs really helped to brainstorm and strategize the specific answers I needed in this phase.

Overall, I am so grateful for all the service iBloom provides to us “Startup Staceys” who need some good freebies to get started so we can launch and then get into the paid services when funds permit. Thank you so much for all you provide! ~Jen Reckard, Jen Reckard Designs

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