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Social Media Manager Training

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Product Description

The Social Media Manager Training Course is an “elite” training that will not only create a new career for YOU, but it will also help give you the income and flexibility you are looking for!

The Social Media Manager Training Course will teach you exactly what you need to know and do to help clients succeed on social media. This is your opportunity to discover the proven tips and strategies that have worked on social media for multiple clients!

This course is perfect for:

  • A hard worker! Someone who is willing to put in the time to grow a successful business!
  • A self-starter! Someone who takes their training and runs with it!
  • Someone who is willing to move forward in faith, even if they are scared and don’t have all the answers up front!
  • Someone who trusts in God and knows that God is working out every itty bitty detail!
  • Someone who is NOT a perfectionist!
  • Someone who is willing to think outside the box!
  • Someone who is willing to take a chance!

If this sounds like you, then this Social Media Manager Training Course is PERFECT for YOU!

The Social Media Managers Training Course Includes:

Instant access to all 16 60-minute video trainings. The recordings are yours FOREVER!

Additionally, you’ll receive instant access to the Social Media Manager Starter Kit (Valued at $997), EVERYTHING you need to get your business started including:

Quotes and question swipe file
New Client Social Media Questionnaire
Social Media Management Questionnaire
Social Media Audit Template
Social Media New Client Checklist
Social Media Daily Checklist
Social Media Strategy Template
2-Day Social Media Strategy Live Training {Audio download and Workbook}

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Session #1: What is a social media manager and the importance of branding YOU!   During this session, you’ll learn exactly what a social media manager does and doesn’t do and the importance of creating a presence for yourself online!

Session #2 and #3: How to create a social media strategy for your clients!   You will not only gain access to the template that we use when creating a social media strategy for clients, but you’ll discover exactly what to do this for your clients!

Session #4: Content Creation: How to create a consistent voice across platforms for your clients.   This is KEY to creating a community of people who not only LOVE the business you are representing, but rave about them and recommend them to others! Creating content that is inline with the voice of your client is of utmost importance!

Session #5: How to create a branded, consistent look across platforms for your clients and how to create awesome graphics for your clients!   During this session,you’ll discover our favorite apps that will help YOU look like a graphic pro! Yes, you can create AMAZING graphics even if you are not a graphic designer!

Session #6: Facebook!   In this session, you will learn the difference between a personal profile, business page and group page and how you can utilize all three of them to grow the influence of your clients! Additionally you’ll know how to schedule posts, key elements to an engaging bio and About section, and how to find your client’s ideal customer!

Session #7: Facebook!   Creating a successful event, contest and/or sweepstakes on Facebook is possible and when done right, can bring you some AMAZING results! You’ll learn how it’s done!

Session #8 and 9: Facebook Ads!   This is one of the areas that we get asked the most! During these two sessions, you’ll learn how to create a winning and successful Facebook advertising campaign and ads.

Session #10: Twitter!   You’ll learn how to use Twitter for business, how to grow your client’s following on Twitter and the#1 tool to do this the easy way!

Session #11: Twitter!   How to find the right hashtags and how to use them effectively! Also, how to engage with the influencers on Twitter and how to cut through the “noise” and build real relationships with others!

Session #12: Twitter!   No one wants to waste time on Twitter and you’ll learn the best and easiest way to be active and engage on Twitter in just minutes a day! And also, Understanding your Twitter insights and how to report your SUCCESSES to clients so that they realize just how valuable you are to their business!

Session #13: Customer Service!   Customer service MUSTS on Facebook and Twitter and how to report your social media successes to your clients so that YOU look like the rock star that you are!

Session #14: How to get clients!   How to get clients! During this session you’ll learn TOP tips and strategies tfor getting the IDEAL clients you need and want because the reality is, you don’t have to take on every client that comes your way!

Session #15: Packages and pricing!   A BIG part of your business will be the packages you offer and the pricing of those packages. We’ll walk you through the specific steps for creating packages that your ideal client will want to buy and then pricing them in such a way that will cause them to click, “BUY.”

Session #16: Closing Session   We’ll wrap everything up, so you that you’ll have the tools and inspiration you need to move forward.

Bonus Products

When you sign-up for the “Training + Inner Circle + Certification,” you will get access for one-year to our private Social Media Manager Facebook group. In this one of a kind group, you will not only join others who are on the same journey as you, but you will also have direct access to Dr. Jen for any questions that you may have as you go through the training!

And then, after completing the course, you can choose to become a Certified iBloom Social Media Manager. Our iBloom Certified Social Media Managers will be added to iBloom’s list of recommended social media managers that our clients can hire because truthfully, we always have clients looking for someone to help them with their platforms!

6 reviews for Social Media Manager Training

  1. 5 out of 5


    I am grateful to have taken Jen’s Social Media Manager Training class. Not only did I learn so much about the social media realm, but I became a part of the most incredible community of wonderful women. Jen is truly an expert in her field who cares about all of us as a group as well as each of us individually. I like that Jen offers countless tools to help you delve into social media as far as you like, whether it’s to become a Social Media manager for many or for your own personal business, you will find a safe place to ask questions, grow and be challenged. I got more than what I imagined!-Ruth Vazquez

  2. 5 out of 5


    Dr. Jen’s Social Media Manager training is the best training I have ever been a part of.
    I don’t know of any social media training like this. She not only teaches you how to do
    social media the right way, she teaches you how to run your business.

    Dr. Jen’s encouragement and support feeds me and gives me strength to stand on our own.

    She freely shares information and ideas and encourages us to do the same. I never get
    the feeling that she is holding back information until we pay more. Many leaders do
    not freely answer questions but refer you to extra training or coaching.

    I completely shocked myself at a networking meeting one afternoon when I opened
    my mouth to give my “elevator pitch” and it was like Dr. Jen came out!
    I laughed about it later but I also pondered on it. I don’t want to imitate others, I
    want to have my own unique voice. I realized it was my words and thoughts delivered
    in the way she has trained us. Encouraging, engaging, and authentic.

    I feel like learning from Dr. Jen has helped me to tap into those qualities in myself that
    I just couldn’t figure out how to express through my business.

    She is exactly the kind of leader and encourager I needed. God led me to her.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Dr Jennifer–Thank you so much for your life changing course. It is true–through your love and guidance and instruction–I was able to take a leap of faith and now manage a social media management company full-time. Thank you!
    A while back in your social media management group, you asked us the question, “What sets us apart from others in our field.” Well, today, I’m want to share with you–what sets you apart from other Social Media Experts
    1) You are authentic and true. You live your life as an example, modeling to those who are watching you, specifically your students.
    2) You not only instructed us on social media skills, you shared with us how to use those skills so we can live within our priorities.
    3) Your niche hashtag #BeDifferent–gives us the permission and belief that we can and should use our social media skills uniquely within our gifts.
    4) You don’t pressure us to buy, buy, buy…or give us unrealistic promises of making 6 figures.
    5) Your coaching in this group is unbelievable…you offer much grace, kindness, encouragement, hope
    6) You have the ability to see where we are struggling and know just the right activity/challenge to help us push through in a safe environment. Reminds me of the mama bird pushing her little one out of the nest.
    7) There is a part of you invested in each one of us…and our next steps are possible because you let God use you to love on us.
    I’m so thankful for YOU!

  4. 5 out of 5


    “I just want you to know that over the past weekend, I realized how much you have taught me over the last few years. That’s all been by watching you online, and I am truly inspired and ‘want to be you when I grow up’! Thank you for all your dedication and hard work with investing in people through social media! I am so thankful that we found each other!” ~ Cora Dugan

  5. 5 out of 5


    I am so grateful for this course and for this instructor. The knowledge that you will gain concerning Social Media is amazing! Social Media is ever changing yet by taking this course you are always on the cutting edge of what’s going on. You learn basic skills and why Social Media Managers do what they do as well as the latest trends. However, this class is so much more than social media. This class is about the love and guidance of an amazing instructor who loves her students and walks with each one of them through their journey in Social Media. It is also about an unparalleled acceptance and sisterhood as students help each other out, often pray for one another and cheer each other on.I feel so blessed to be here.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Even though I’ve had previous Social Media training, it honestly was nothing like this course and I continue to learn every day. So grateful to God for connecting me with everyone in our class and this phenomenal training. Not only has this course increased my knowledge, but it has helped build my confidence level so that I can provide a great service for any business needing Social Media Marketing as well as managing my own accounts!

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