Welcome! We’d LOVE to have YOU as an iBloom Partner!

Welcome! We’re sooo glad to have you join us as an iBloom Partner.

Here’s a welcome video from Lori and I that will help you get started:

Step #1:

  • If you already have a USER ACCOUNT on our iBloom website {because you’re an Inner Circle member, Online Business Starter Kit owner, Social Media Manager, or have bought something from us in the last 6 months}, then you’ll go to https://ibloom.co/wp-login.php and log-in to your account. If you forgot your password, then click on “Forgot Password”
  • If you DO NOT have a USER ACCOUNT, then skip to Step #2.

Step #2:

  • If you already have a USER ACCOUNT on our iBloom website, make sure you’re logged in first. Then, go to https://ibloom.co/ibloom-affiliate-registration/. We mention the BLACK BAR at the top of your screen and unfortunately this no longer correct. Sorry for the confusion. You will not see the black bar as an affiliate. If you’re logged in, then you’ll see some of the form filled in for you. Fill in any missing parts of the form and click SIGN UP.
  • If you DO NOT have a USER ACCOUNT, then go to https://ibloom.co/ibloom-affiliate-registration/ and fill in all of the information on the form and click SIGN UP.

Step #3:

Once you’ve completed Step #1 & Step #2, then go to: https://ibloom.co/nofollow/get-started-ibloom-partner/ for your next steps.

Need Technical Assistance:

Don’t get stressed about this part! If you’re having any technical difficulties, then please email Dawn Wilkerson {iBloom Client Care Specialist & Tech Guru} at dawn@ibloom.us. She’ll be happy to assist you.


Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. Lisa Kandra says:

    How exciting to partner with you! I absolutely love the iBLOOM mission and I am thrilled to point other women toward such an incredible resource. Thank you and I am looking forward to growing with and through you.

  2. TL James says:


  3. 😝🤗😄 that’s me excited to partner with iBloom!!!

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