iBloom Health: How to Take Control of Your Health

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Here’s the replay from our iBloom Health: How to Take Control of Your Health Webinar.

Our next 30-day iBloom Health Challenge begins October 1st and we’d LOVE for you to join us. To get started, go to http://ibloom.co/health and complete this quick application.

Kelly Thorne Gore

Kelly is the Founder & President of iBloom. She's passionate about empowering women to live their best life and fulfill God's plan for their life!


  1. Hi. I’ve watched this on catch-up.

    I’ve got poor, volatile or up and down health. I’m very often overtired and over-fatigued. I’ve also done and benefitted from the Daniel Plan, a great health programme which has emanated from Saddleback Church. Signing up to the health challenge, I’m particularly glad it’s starting on 1st October as it coincides with me starting work away from home, which means I’ll be living in a hotel for most of the week and travelling 12 hours each week to work and back by train. This is a risk for me, both as a recovering alcoholic and with my weight. Lately, I’ve been overeating as stress and pressure has increased and I’m at risk of losign the good progress already made this year with weight loss (28 lbs off since Christmas).

    With God’s help and with the punch and peach of His Spirit, I’m committing to the health challenge for 30 days.

    Thank you

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