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If not, please take our “Which Business Owner Are You?” Quiz. This will allow us to provide you with the specific training you need to thrive in this season of your business and help you continue to move up the ladder.

If you already know that you are in the Motivated Phase of your business, this page is just for you!

Common Traits of the Motivated Phase:

  • You have a vision and strategy for your business, but you still may not be seeing the results that make you “feel” successful.
  • You know the ideal customer that you want to serve, but you still may be having trouble getting them to invest in your products/services.
  • You have some marketing pieces in place {website, social media, etc.}
  • You have a list building strategy, even though it may not consistently be adding potential customers as quickly as you had hoped.
  • You have a marketing strategy, but you still may not be seeing the results you want.
  • You have products and services to sell.
  • You are ready to fine-tune your strategy for moving your ideal customers from free resources to paying for your products and/or services.
  • You are ready to start delegating and outsourcing certain aspects of your business that aren’t the best use of your time.
  • You have a plan for meeting your income goals, even though you may not be reaching your goal amount consistently each month.

The BEST Way iBloom Can Serve You in the Motivated Phase:

We’ve created our iBloom in Business Inner Circle just for YOU! This is the perfect place for you to get the advanced A to Z training that you need to thrive in the Motivated Phase. The iBloom in Business Inner Circle will about you to get:

  • Support from the iBloom team and the other Inner Circle members
  • Encouragement from others who “get it” and have valuable advice & prayers
  • Step-by-step business mentoring so you won’t be overwhelmed, but instead have a clear action plan
  • Must-have resources for your budget from a trusted source that will encourage you to be a good steward of your resources and not just try to sell you something and leave you to figure out how it all fits in your unique business needs
  • Networking with like-minded Christian women in business who truly want to see you reach your goals and will inspire you as iron sharpens iron

Click here for more information about the iBloom in Business Inner Circle.

When will I be ready to move up to the Rocking-It Phase?

The Motivated Phase typically lasts three-five years. For some people it can take just six months and for others it can take many years. It really depends on you, the amount of work you’re able to put in, and how quickly you want to move up the ladder. The fastest way to move through the Motivated phase is by being actively involved in our iBloom in Business Inner Circle.

You’ll know that you’re ready to move to the Rocking-It Phase when you have these things in place:

  • You have a clear business vision, highly effective strategy, and you’re thrilled to say your business is profitable.
  • Your business is thriving because you are mostly serving your ideal customers.
  • You have an effective brand for your business. All of your marketing elements {website, social media platforms, print materials, etc.} have the same consistent and recognizable look.
  • You have an effective list building strategy and are consistently adding people to your list, but you are always looking for ways to multiply the people on that list.
  • You have an effective marketing strategy, but you’re looking for ways to continue to maximize its effectiveness.
  • You offer a variety of products and/or services to meet your ideal customers’ needs, and they are selling well.
  • You have a funnel black belt. You can move your ideal customers from free resources, through basic products and/or services, to high-end products and/or services in your sleep!
  • Delegating is your friend! Most of your time is spent doing things only you can do well, but you recognize that there are still a few things you could delegate to others.
  • Your income goals are being met but you’re always looking for ways to make your business more profitable.

When you think you’re ready to move to the Rocking-It Phase, click here to re-take the “Which Business Owner Are You?” Quiz and get access to your free jump start training.