{Business Training} November 2017: 10 Tweaks to Revolutionize your Business (and Life)!

This is one of the most important webinars that I’ve ever taught. I focus on the key strategies that I wish I had known when I started my business. However, even with an established business, these are tweaks that can still be made. During this webinar, I’ll guide you through several powerful exercises that will help you identify what you really want (for your life & business) and how to work toward it.

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iBloom Team

Leading the way for women to succeed in business and life! We’re a team of women who have led in business & ministry and have a heart to help Christian women in business live life differently. We work together to support you in becoming exactly who God has called you to be and living the unique, one-of-a-kind life that God has paved out for you! Our goal is to infuse your life and business with clarity, hope, encouragement, community, and the tools you need to be successful in business and live a life you love!


  1. Just finished listening to the entire webinar today, and oh I love you all. You teach with your life and I give thanks. The reason I moved back to England was so I could be with my grandkids and I love every moment. Grandparenting is different! I can run a part-time business at this stage of my life, and as a mentor, I love it that my daughter recommends me to other young moms. You are only a mom with young kids once and I am so glad you are able to make this tough decision and live the life of a mother to your kids. What a blessing!
    Now, I do have a selfish question: will you still make and sell the iBloom planner? I like the idea of the iBloom Community, with one idea per week….it’s probably all this grandma can really take in any way! You all set the standard for business! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have the business I have, complete with focus and name. I know who I am and what I do, with many thanks to God for you all. What a team!

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