iBloom Speaker: Betsy Ringer



I have organized events for many years and I know the challenge of finding just the right speaker for your event: someone who engages the audience, has a clear presentation that motivates others to action and evokes laughter and inspiration! Well…I invite you to see if I would be a good fit for your group.

In general I have been speaking to corporate, faith-based and professional groups for…well…let’s just say over 25 years! I care about having each individual leaving the event knowing next steps they want to take. Each talk is clear, applicable, dynamic and entertaining.

I’m including some of my most requested speaking topics. Under that you can learn more about my background and hear what others have to say. You may contact me with questions at betsy@ibloom.us.


Betsy Ringer

iBloom Speaking Specialist, Personality Consultant, Author


THE PERSONALITIES: How to Communicate Effectively with Just About Anyone

Have you ever noticed that there are people in the world who are different from you? Perhaps you work with them or even live with them! Betsy helps groups discover personality preferences; how to make your strengths work for you; and adjust yourself to get along better with others. She has a fun, entertaining style that includes audience interaction. Discover how to apply what you learn to influence your relationships positively, help your children flourish, build successful teams, and communicate effectively with just about anyone.

This is the topic I am asked to speak on most often! It is highly acclaimed! Choose from a variety of topics and styles:

  • Communicate Effectively with Just About Anyone

        Most requested talk tailored for any group.

  • Family Zoo CluesThe Personalities of Children for Parents and Educators

Your children come prepackaged at birth with eye color, hair color, intelligence and PERSONALITY!!  Zoo Clues reveals the information you need to nurture the natural style of your child and teen and communicate in a way that brings out their best – and yours too!

  • Yes! Opposites Attract! Improve Your Marriage by Understanding The Personalities
  • Personality in the WorkplaceBuilding Effective Work Relationships
  • How Personalities Influence our Spiritual Lives

45—90 minute entertaining presentations; 4-hour workshops; 1-1½ -day retreat

Especially for leaders, professional organizations, Boards or work place teams:

The Personalities – Lead Yourself, Lead Others, Lead Up

Have fun in this light-hearted and power-packed message about The Personalities! We are all leaders. A leader influences others and we all have people in our sphere of influence. The first step of leadership is to lead yourself effectively. Be your best by knowing how you are wired and learning to live into your strengths. Then, lead others by knowing how to communicate according to what they need. Lead UP by adjusting your style so both you and the person you report to WIN.

SHIFT FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING! Five Secrets To Help You Live With Delight, Purpose And Fulfillment

Through dynamic stories that everyone can relate to and wise insight, Betsy helps her audiences recalibrate from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed to experiencing life with true joy! Shift from feeling like the days, months and years are slipping away to making life really count! Freshen up your everyday living!

45, 60, or 90 minute talks


The body of Christ carries out God’s mission. He intentionally designed and equipped each of us to serve significantly, no matter what role we choose. He has wired us to share His love and serve others in a meaningful way. In this powerful class, you will discover your own Spiritual Gifts, Personality and Passion and learn how to work with others to carry out God’s assignments.

Betsy has been teaching this class in churches and for retreats for over 20 years.

This is offered as a retreat, workshop or multiple session class.


Every aspect of business involves speaking in a way that draws people to you. Giving a clear, attention-holding presentation is imperative for anyone! Non-profit and business professionals must learn to bond with their audience, deliver clear, powerful content, move the audience to action and help them take the next step. Whether you present at meetings, conduct webinars, appear on radio or TV, give keynotes and workshops, or speak at a variety of live events, you’ll develop expertise in:

  • Applying a speaking model that makes your message come alive
  • Getting clear on the action you want the audience to take
  • Telling engaging stories and giving powerful examples
  • Creating handouts and visuals that enhance your effectiveness
  • And much more!

I have been speaking, teaching and training for 25+ years and now it’s my turn to pass on to YOU just what you need to know to engage your audience, customers and clients in any presentation.


Maximize strengths, manage weaknesses and leverage attitude and purpose for a winning team. Teams are made up of people with different skills, strengths and viewpoints, eager to work toward a common purpose. This participative workshop helps non-profit and professional teams and Boards learn what each person has to contribute and inspires them to be champions for each other, their purpose and the people they serve.


Bible Art Journaling is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds! It’s simply another great way to express our love for God and to remember what we study in His word. Betsy uses inspirational stories to share the basics of Bible Art Journaling. This is for BEGINNERS who want to know what it’s about and try a little for themselves. We will use sketch paper to practice some of the simple designs. You’ll learn how to bring your “inner expressive” to the surface and combine that with bringing a verse to life.

60 minute presentation; 1-2 hour breakout or workshop.


I am thrilled to be part of the iBloom Team where I contribute 30 years of experience! My craft has always been teaching and strategizing: training supervisors and managers, leading team building and developing new systems in corporations and faith-based organizations. I have had the privilege of speaking nationally at live events, teaching online and creating hands-on resources.

I am an adventurer at heart having jeeped in deserts, landed on a glacier in a helicopter, hiked to remote waterfalls, parasailed over whales in Mexico and went white water rafting in Alaska. I bring that same zest for life into my speaking experiences.


  • B.S. Miami University, Ohio
  • M.A. Education and Business Administration, University of California at San Diego
  • Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, San Diego, CA: Created the management development department and trained 300 supervisors and managers. .
  • Served 12 years on two church staffs, Louisville, KY: Taught Spiritual Gifts, Personality and Passion and developed a system for getting people involved in meaningful service. Developed Guest Services and Member Connection systems. Formed and mentored many teams.
  • iBloom: Team member since 2008: iBloom is a dynamic team of women whose vision is to help every woman on the planet live a life they love. We help Christian women entrepreneurs build their business that is aligned with their own priorities how they want to live their life.
  • Speaker: 25+ years. Speaks at corporate events, faith-based events, workshops and retreats and Professional groups. I have given many webinars and podcasts. I also have hosted or emceed programs and events. I teach and mentor other speakers.
  • Professional Women’s Fellowship, San Diego: Serves on the Board that casts vision, plans organizational and community events and builds leaders of leaders.


Betsy knows the heart and its places and spaces and with great skill and love and expertise, brings light bulb moments; enlists laughter of the soul; teaches with tender tenaciousness and honors God by loving what she does. She connects and makes the message so alive that I was able to remember, repeat and LIVE out what seemed geared just for me. I am eager to hear her at the next San Diego Regional Leadership Bootcamp conference!

Donna Rothenberger, Pastor, Whole Life Church and Community Services Nonprofit Founder

Betsy’s warm and energetic vibe lights up the room when she speaks. She’s always bringing fresh insight to what seem to be mundane aspects of life. I especially love her stories and ability to make an audience remember what they’ve heard. Her wisdom and guidance have been a blessing to countless women!

Lynsey Dietz, Women’s Ministry Director, North Coast Calvary Chapel, Carlsbad, CA

Betsy is a truly gifted leader. She always sees the best in others and knows how to activate others’ gifts to reach their full potential. She’s also a gifted teacher with deep insight into the person of God. Some of the things Betsy has taught me will stay with me forever.

Jill Addison, Digital Marketing Expert & Video Specialist for Financial Advisors, S.D, CA

I loved the class and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn from an expert. Betsy’s teaching style, ability to make others feel comfortable, and her combined experience and expertise make this must-do class.

Kelly Osbaldiston, Co-founder and Principle Consultant, Richmond, KY

Betsy weaves practical information with humor…you can’t wait to hear what she says next. Her style is contagious and compelling. I loved how she helped us identify next steps to take – we walked out with clear, applicable actions.

Laura Wingfield, President, Moms Closet Resource Center, Louisville, KY


iBloom Speaking Specialist, Personality Consultant, Author

Betsy has been helping people discover their design to live more fulfilling lives for more years than she cares to admit. Her Masters degree plus training as a Personality Specialist and Life Coach have given her skills to bring out the best in others in a practical way. She developed the Management training department at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation in San Diego, CA. She also served on staff at two churches, creating new departments. Betsy is now part of the iBloom team, providing resources and classes for Christian women. She co-authored iChoose2 Love My Life, iBloom in Business and wrote Create and Deliver a Powerful Talk, plus many resources.

Betsy is an adventurer at heart. She has jeeped in deserts, landed on a glacier in a helicopter, hiked to remote waterfalls, parasailed over whales in Mexico and went white water rafting in Alaska. Today, she will take us on an adventure – get ready to laugh, learn and take action!