iBloom Book Bundle

The iBloom Book Bundle includes our most popular books iChoose2 Love My Life, iBloom in Business, and the iBloom Journal.

iChoose2 Love My Life:

This is your Personal Action Plan and one-year journey toward living a life you love.

This book is intentionally written to take you week-by-week through a process of small changes.  This is more than a book; this is a chance to work with our iBloom team of life coaches as you work through the steps and challenges of this one year journey to begin living a life you truly love.

iBloom in Business:

Are you a Christian woman praying for a miracle in your business? You know you are doing what God has gifted you to do. You’ve enjoyed helping others reach their breakthrough but you are still waiting (and not so patiently at this point) for your own breakthrough in business?

You can count on iBloom in Business to help you fine tune your business, be a roadmap to success without all the detours, and serve as a lifelong resource. If you are serious about using your God-given gifts to run a successful business, then this is a must read!

iBloom Journal:

A colorful lined journal with Scriptures on each spread. This is the perfect place to record all of your ideas and prayers as you’re working through the iChoose2 Love My Life & iBloom in Business books.