In Memory of Hannah Danielle Gore


Hi! We’re SO glad you’re here. My name is Kelly Thorne Gore and I’m the Founder of iBloom. In the picture is my husband, Jon, and our daughter, Sophie. This picture was taken the day we found out that our second child was a girl and we chose her name Hannah {favored & grace} Danielle {miracle}. From the day we named Hannah, we knew that God had a special plan for this little girl. We envisioned her being a beacon of light and ushering others into God’s presence.

Unfortunately, when I was 29 weeks pregnant, I realized that Hannah wasn’t moving and we later discovered she no longer had a heartbeat. On April 15, 2014, I gave birth to our precious Hannah and a few days later we buried her.

BeeCard_FrontThough Hannah never took a breath in this world, God has used her to have a significant impact on the lives of so many already. And, we want to continue her legacy by creating a movement of people who look for opportunities to love, serve, and bless others.

You’ve received this card because someone wanted to bless you and we hope that you’ll in turn look for someone that you can bless!

“Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone!”