May iBloom Membership Group Coaching Call

Join iBloom Team Members Lori Burrell & Leigh Ann Napier as they discuss their personal experience with the decision we hope we all want to make each day:  iChoose2 Grow Closer to God.

Sometimes we grow closer when life is cheery & bright.  Sometimes we grow closer to Him out of sheer desperation knowing we can’t go on another minute without Him.  In these days of Facebook, Twitter, and texting, many of us have lots of “friends.”  Wherever you are in your life, a season of joy or a season of hardship or somewhere in between, iBloom’s hope is that we can come along side you and help you move closer to God.

We’ll touch four statements of the iChoose2 Love My Life book including:

  • iChoose2 Cultivate My Relationship with Christ
  • iChoose2 Trust
  • iChoose2 Be Still & Listen
  • iChoose2 Surrender

Tuesday, May 22nd

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Kelly Thorne Gore

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