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If not, please take our “Which Business Owner Are You?” Quiz. This will allow us to provide you with the specific training you need to thrive in this season of your business and help you continue to move up the ladder.

If you already know that you are in the Dreaming Phase of your business, this page is just for you!

Common Traits of the Dreaming Phase:

  • You have a lot of passion, but you’re not sure how to pinpoint what your business should be.
  • You haven’t really thought about who is most likely to purchase your potential products and/or services.
  • You’re not ready for marketing just yet, because you’re still trying to figure out what your business will be.
  • You don’t have any products and/or services to offer just yet.
  • You know that you want to make money from this future business, but you’re not sure what is realistic.

The BEST Way iBloom Can Serve You in the Dreaming Phase:

We’ve compiled our most popular books {iBloom in Business, iChoose2 Love My Life, iBloom Journal} into an iBloom Book Bundle to give you the tools you need to move through the Dreaming Phase. We’ve also created an opportunity where you can work with our iBloom Life Coach to help you move through the Dreaming phase and into the Start-Up Phase. Click here for details about the iBloom Book Bundle and how to begin working with our iBloom Life Coach.

When will I be ready to move up to the Start-Up Phase?

The Dreaming Phase typically lasts a few months. For some people it can take just a few weeks and for others they’ve been dreaming about a potential business for years. It really depends on you, the amount of work you’re able to put in, and how quickly you want to move up the ladder. The fastest way to move through the Dreaming Phase is to complete the videos and assignments from the Dreaming jump start series, get the iBloom Book Bundle, and work with our iBloom Life Coach.

You’ll know that you’re ready to move to the Start-Up Phase when you have these things in place:

  • You know what kind of business you want to do and you’re ready to get the strategy for starting a real business and turning your passion into profit.
  • You have ideal customers in mind, but need to figure out how to get them to purchase your products and/or services.
  • You have your business concept in place, and are now ready to start working on your brand.
  • You’ve thought about who your potential customers would be, but you need a strategy for building a list of those customers.
  • You know that you need a marketing strategy, but you need to know how to create & implement it.
  • You have some ideas for products and/or services, and are ready to start creating!
  • You have an idea of how much money you would like to make, but need a plan to get there.

When you think you’re ready to move to the Start-Up Phase, click here to re-take the “Which Business Owner Are You?” Quiz and get access to your free jump start training.