Next Steps for Dreaming Danas

You have just completed our 4-part video series for Dreaming Dana’s. But you may need more time before moving up to the next stage. You may need:

  • to press pause and go back over the exercises
  • additional resources to help you dig deeper
  • a coach to give you action steps and accountability to move on to a Start-Up Stacy

We are passionate about helping YOU align your personal life with God and living a life you love. This solid foundation will serve you well as you become a business owner who desires to live into God’s plans and purpose.

We want to help YOU:

  • live intentionally
  • live a balanced, healthy and thriving life
  • discover and live out your unique life purpose
  • fulfill your dreams
  • live a life you love
  • make a significant impact
  • leave a legacy

We’ve created these opportunities to serve you:

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