Dr. Jen Bennett’s Social Media Manager Training

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Dear aspiring entrepreneur,

It was May of 2014. What I thought was going to be a typical 3-5 day fever for my son, turned into a 20-day fever and admittance into the hospital. As I spent 20-days at home with my son, I couldn’t help but to think, “what would my life look like right now if I didn’t work from home? What if I had a typical 9-5 job that I had to go to? How much money would I be missing out on because I had to take days off? How many vacation days would I have left (if any) after this 20-day episode? How much work would I have to catch-up on once I made it back into the office?”

As I sat there pondering these questions, I couldn’t help but to be thankful that I was able to work from home. No vacation days taken, no money lost, and no work to catch-up on. Working from home allowed me to not only be home with my son, but it also allowed me to continue working.

Maybe you have found yourself in a challenging situation too:

  • Divorce: You desperately need to find a way to make some extra money
  • Caring for a sick family member who needs more of your time and attention
  • Debt: if you could only have some extra money per month, your debt wouldn’t be such a burden
  • You are in a toxic work environment that you desperately want out of
  • You long to live into your priorities of God, family and health but are finding it difficult to do that right now
  • You want a new career but you are just finding it hard to believe that it’s possible
  • You want to homeschool your children, but you need to make some money too
  • You just want to make ends meet
  • You just want and need someone who believes in you

This friend, is why I created this Social Media Manager Training Course! I created this just for YOU! Believe me when I say, I understand where you are! I understand how challenging life can be! And because of that, I created this course so that more women like YOU, can live into their priorities while building a successful business that gives them the freedom that they are longing for!

I want to personally invite YOU to take part in a very “elite” 8-week training that will not only create a new career for YOU, but it will also help give you the income and flexibility you are looking for!

During this “elite” 8-week Social Media Manager Training Course, I will teach you exactly what I do and have done to help clients succeed on social media. This is your opportunity to discover the proven tips and strategies that have worked for my clients! I will not only give you the tools to succeed, but I will help you sharpen your skills, give you the courage and confidence to believe in your dreams and what you are capable of and I will help guide you into living into your priorities and calling!

Here is WHO I am looking for:

  • A hard worker! Someone who is willing to put in the time to grow a successful business!
  • A self-starter! Someone who takes their training and runs with it!
  • Someone who is willing to move forward in faith, even if they are scared and don’t have all the answers up front!
  • Someone who trusts in God and knows that God is working out every itty bitty detail!
  • Someone who is NOT a perfectionist!
  • Someone who is willing to think outside the box!
  • Someone who is willing to take a chance!

If this sounds like you, then this Social Media Manager Training Course is PERFECT for YOU!

So, what will this Social Media Manager Training include?

Session #1: What is a social media manager and the importance of branding YOU
During this session, I will share with you exactly what a social media manager does and doesn’t do and the importance of creating a presence for yourself online.
Session #2 and #3: How to create a social media strategy for your clients
In this session, I will  show you and teach you exactly what to do for your clients when creating a social media strategy for them.
Session #4: Content Creation: How to create a consistent voice across platforms for your clients.
This is KEY to creating a community of people who not only LOVE the business you are representing, but rave about them and recommend them to others. Creating content that is inline with the voice of your client is of utmost importance.
Session #5: How to create a branded, consistent look across platforms for your clients and how to create awesome graphics for your clients
During this session, I will share some of my FAVORITE apps that will help YOU look like a graphic pro. Yes, you can create AMAZING graphics even if you are not a graphic designer.
Session #6: Facebook
In this session, I will show you the difference between a personal profile, business page and group page and how you can utilize all three of them to grow the influence of your clients. Additionally I will show you how to schedule posts, key elements to an engaging bio and About section, and how to find your client’s ideal customer.
Session #7: Facebook
Creating a successful event, contest and/or sweepstakes on Facebook is possible and when done right, can bring you some AMAZING results. I will show you how it’s done.
Session #8 and 9: Facebook Ads
This is one of the areas that I get asked the most. During these two sessions, I will show you how to create a winning and successful Facebook advertising campaign, but I will also help YOU create your ads.
Session #10: Twitter
In session #10, I am is going to teach you how to use Twitter for business, how to grow your client’s following on Twitter and I will show you my #1 tool to do this the easy way.
Session #11: Twitter
How to find the right hashtags and how to use them effectively. Also, how to engage with the influencers on Twitter and how to cut through the “noise” and build real relationships with others.
Session #12: Twitter
No one wants to waste time on Twitter and I will show you the best and easiest way to be active and engage on Twitter in just minutes a day. And also, Understanding your Twitter insights and how to report your SUCCESSES to clients so that they realize just how valuable you are to their business.
Session #13: Customer Service
Customer service MUSTS on Facebook and Twitter and how to report your social media successes to your clients so that YOU look like the rock star that you are.
Session #14: How to get clients
During this session, iBloom Founder and President, Kelly Gore will share with you some of her TOP tips and strategies to getting the IDEAL clients you need and want because the reality is, you don’t have to take on every client that comes your way.
Session #15: Packages and pricing
A BIG part of your business will be the packages you offer and the pricing of those packages. Again, join iBloom Founder and President, Kelly Gore as she walks you through some very specific steps to creating packages that your ideal client will want to buy and then pricing them in such a way that will cause them to click, “BUY.”
Session #16: Closing Session
During this session, I will wrap up the class and share with you my personal story so that you too may be encouraged!

In addition to all of this great learning, here are some added benefits:

You get 16 60-minute trainings with Dr. Jen where she will share her screen with YOU so that you can see everything that she is doing and sharing. For eight weeks, you will watch 2 new training videos per week that will teach you the skills you need to be a successful social media manager. And guess what? These recordings are yours FOREVER!

And, when you sign-up and enroll in Level #2, you will get access to our private Social Media Inner Circle Facebook group for one year! In this one of a kind group, you will not only join others who are on the same journey as you, but you will also have direct access to Dr. Jen for any questions that you may have as you go through the training!

What Past Students Are Saying:

"Your class is great!!! I know that it must have taken a lot of preparation on your part...goodness the printouts today just went on and on. I appreciate the detail that you go into. Honestly, I felt like I got my money's worth the weeks before the class started! Now I have so much at my fingertips that I can't believe it. I am SO EXCITED TO SEE WHERE THIS GOES." ~Mary Lu Saylor

“Jennifer you have given us an amazing wealth of knowledge. Thank you! BTW, this is one of the best courses I have ever taken online.” ~Christy Lee

"I just wanted to tell you thank you again for the ad classes! We went from 224 likes on one of our business pages to 513 in 4 days." ~Dawn Kelly

“I would not have made a lot of the changes I am making now without this class that is worth so much more than we could ever pay for it or thank you for it!!! You, Jennifer Bennett are teaching us how to ROCK IT!!! BEST CLASS EVER for so many reasons - it's far more than ‘just another class!’” ~Tracy Barse

“Jennifer, this class that you have given us, came with more than tools to use on SM platforms. It also came with your heart and passion for people. The old saying is, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. You are my go to person now for all things social media and as a friend! It's been an amazing class with all of you girls! You can't put a price tag on relationships. I am loving every minute of this course. In the future, I will be signing up for anything you put out there, because I know you will give us above and beyond our expectations! I thank you so much for your heart and talent!” ~Cora Dugan

“Jennifer Bennett is an awesome teacher. I took the class because I have found social media so daunting. So, you may have different reasons for taking a class like this. Yet, know that, there is so much material that you will receive, great support from the community that is formed in the class, feedback on what you are "trying out" and the encouragement that you don't have to understand everything all at once.” ~Sheeba Daniel Varghese

“This class has been the best investment in my business this year. It will pay for itself tenfold in the coming months! Jennifer Bennett is a wonderful teacher who totally gets her students and her passion for social media use is clearly woven into each session.” ~Kim Hawkins

“This was the first course I felt instructed and taught instead of talked to and rushed - I've spent LOTS of money on classes and courses! (lol) Yours definitely was one of the most beneficial and one of the better investments! Thank you!!” ~Dawn Kelly

"Who would have thought a course on social media strategies could have such an impact on your life? Dr Jennifer Bennett (our instructor and social media guru!) not only shared her skills and expertise in social media—she encouraged and inspired each one of in her class to reach beyond what many of us dared dream. Dr Jen modeled to her students the skills and servant attitude of a true leader in Christ. She demonstrated the iBloom mission of equipping us to building a successful business while living a life we love. This course is one of the best investments I have ever made and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their social media knowledge (even if you don’t necessarily want to be certified)."
~ Kim Reisch Vander Poel

“Even though I’ve had previous SM training, it honestly was nothing like this and I continue to learn every day. So grateful to God for connecting me with everyone here and this phenomenal training! I am determined to rock my SM in 2015! Blessed that I am able to work on all of this through the end of the year with plans to launch in January!” ~Melissa Michel

Whew! Now that’s a LOT of value based learning and documents that will get you started on the right foot!

But here’s the BEST Part!

Right now, I know you are asking, how much is this? It has to be a LOT of money!

Well, here’s some great news! This elite course is being offered to you at two different levels so that no matter what your budget looks like, you can gain access to this great training! The cost of this course is MUCH less than what you would pay for a college course and quite frankly, the specific, implementable tips and strategies that you will get in this course blows away what you would get anywhere else!

And in addition to that, just know that Dr. Jen currently charges $1497 for ONE social media strategy! Yep, you read that right. Clients pay her $1497 to complete one social media strategy for them. And, they also pay her $197 for a private, 60-minute coaching call. Why are we sharing this with you? Because the reality is, with just a few clients, you could quickly earn back your investment!

So, are you ready to succeed? If so, let’s get going!

Level 1

Level 2

Access to ALL 16 Training Sessions

You'll get instant access to all of the session video trainings, audios, and handouts from Module 1-16. This will allow you to work on the modules at your own pace and you'll be able to refer back to them as often as needed.

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Access to the Social Media Starter Kit {valued at $997}

I want to give you the tools you'll need to thrive in this start-up phase of your Social Media Manager business:

  • Quotes and question swipe file
  • New Client Social Media Questionnaire
  • Social Media Management Questionnaire
  • Social Media Audit Template
  • Social Media New Client Checklist
  • Social Media Daily Checklist
  • Social Media Strategy Template
  • 2-Day Social Media Strategy Live Training {Audio download and Workbook}
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You will have immediate access for One-Year to the Social Media Inner Circle {valued at $324}