Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed it’s usually because I’m trying to work on a big project or there are just too many things on my list. Well, I discovered a method that helps me move past the overwhelmed feeling and actually get things accomplished. Here’s how I do it: Discussion Question: Do you have a favorite method for breaking down those big projects? For me, it’s definitely just doing a brain dump and getting everything out of my head and on paper. Then, I’m able to start prioritizing the list and putting to-do dates next to each task. What about you? What is your favorite method for breaking down those big projects? … [Read more...]

I’m a Recovering Multi-Tasker!

I used to pride myself on the fact that I was a brilliant multi-tasker. Yikes! The fact is, I’m definitely not. Multi-tasking kept me distracted and getting very little accomplished. However, when I discovered the concept of a Blitz it made a huge different in my business and life. You’ll be amazed at what you’re able to accomplish by doing a daily blitz. Watch the video below as I introduce you to the Blitz! Discussion Question: Are you a multi-tasker or do you have regular time set aside to do a blitz? … [Read more...]