Time Management Series: Video #1

Late last year, we asked women in our iBloom Community what their biggest business challenge was and the overwhelming response was some version of TIME MANAGEMENT. We heard things like, "balancing my life & business," "finding time to do it all," "juggling all of the roles," and many simply said, "not enough TIME" Can you relate? If so, this is for YOU! I've put together a 3-part time management series because I want to help you FINALLY take control of your time! You can watch video #1 below. https://www.facebook.com/ibloomwomen/videos/10154401499091647/ Recommended Resource: I put together an awesome (and FREE) iBloom Time Management Toolkit just for you. It will give you the tools to really help you implement everything … [Read more...]

The ONE Question that will help YOU reach your goals!

I recently discovered ONE question that has made ALL the difference as I work toward my life and business goals. In a recent Facebook Live, I share my epiphany. And, I think it might just be ONE question that could dramatically impact whether your goals become a reality or not. Watch the video below. https://www.facebook.com/ibloomwomen/videos/10154384489986647/ Recommended Resource: In the video, I share about my go-to planning tool, the iBloom Life & Business Planner. If you’re new to the iBloom Planner and would like to try it out, click here to get instant access to this week’s printable version of the planner. … [Read more...]

The #1 Thing Sabotaging the Success of AMAZING Women (and How YOU Can Avoid It)

Here’s a recent Facebook LIVE  where I shared the #1 thing sabotaging the success of AMAZING women. Is this the thing that's hold you back from the success you desire... https://www.facebook.com/ibloomwomen/videos/10154365730456647/ FREE TRAINING: I'm hosting a FREE Training this week and I would LOVE for you to join us! In this FREE TRAINING, I'll help you identify exactly what's hold you back from the success you desire and teach you immediate next steps for conquering it - once and for all. It's a FREE training, but space is limited, so grab your spot now. You can find the details & sign-up here: https://ibloom.co/5-things-sabotaging-your-success-and-how-to-conquer-them/ … [Read more...]

4 Essentials to Planning for a Successful November

Here's a recent Facebook LIVE where I shared the 4 essentials to planning for a successful November (or any new month)! #1: Evaluate the Past What is going well? What isn't going well? What needs to change? #2: Review the Upcoming Month What are the big commitments you already have (Birthdays, Holidays, Events, etc.) #3: Identify Your Goals For the upcoming month to be a success, what is the BEST use of your time & focus? What are your personal goals? What are your business goals? #4: Relationships What relationships will you invest in this month? Use these 4 essentials to help you plan for each upcoming month. In the video, I share about my go-to planning tool, the iBloom Life & … [Read more...]

Part 4: How to Create a Success Strategy

We're continuing our training to teach you how to maximize the iBloom Planner. Part 1: How to Plan for a Successful Month- you can find it here. Part 2: How to Plan for a Successful Week- you can find it here. Part 3: How to Plan for a Successful Day - you can find it here. Today is Part #4 and we're discussing the importance of having a Success Strategy. This is the tool that will make planning your month, week, and day sooo much easier because you'll know exactly where you want to go. This Success Strategy section isn't included in the Free Week of the iBloom Planner, but it is in the full version {spiral-bound & printable} of the iBloom Planner. Let's start with some basics. What is a Success Strategy? A success … [Read more...]