Run Your Race, Focus On Your Lane

I’ll admit, I’m a bit intrigued by these photos of Phelps from the 2016 Olympics. Why? Because as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Picture #1 sent the Internet into a frenzy. One look and you know that Phelps has his game face on. This “death glare” soon became known as #PhelpsFace. And according to Phelps, even as Chad le Clos was shadow boxing in front of him, he refused to give the man even one small glance. Phelps went on to say, "I was trying not to really look" at Chad le Clos. “He does his thing, I do my thing.” Picture #2 speaks for itself. During the 200M Butterfly, Chad le Clos was caught looking over at Phelps. And before we know it, Phelps took home the victory. Le Clos lost his focus and … [Read more...]

When you don’t feel successful

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have helped others get to where they want to be, whether that be in life, business and/or ministry, and before you know it, they've become "successful" and you're left wondering what happened to you? Why haven't you seen some of the successes that they are seeing? Why are you being left out and forgotten? Why are you always stuck working “behind the scenes?” The other day as Luke and I were driving around town, I was thinking about the women that God has given me the opportunity to help move forward in their goals and dreams. And as I thought about these women and how far they have come and how successful they’ve become, I'll admit, I had a yucky feeling rise up in me. A feeling of, … [Read more...]

Why being real on social media is the BEST thing you can do

So one day, I REALLY messed up. I had just finished having my mammogram and the girls were hurting! So, I decided to text my husband to let him know all was clear but that I was hurting. Well, this happened instead: Yep, you read that right. Instead of texting my husband, I texted my son’s teacher! I was SO embarrassed! Or how about this very REAL shot of me during one of my Crossfit workouts. Yeah, not so glamorous! So, why am I sharing these crazy stories with you? Because they matter. We spend so much time trying to paint this picture perfect life on social media, trying to craft the perfect posts, the glamorous pictures and the winning opportunities, that we fail to connect with our audience on a deeper level; a REAL … [Read more...]

When the wilderness gets to be too much…

I have a confession to make. I REALLY like survivor-type reality TV shows. There I said it. But before you go storming off wondering how someone like me could actually watch shows like this, let me share a few characteristics of these programs: In many instances, men and women are dropped off in the middle of nowhere and are left to survive on their own for multiple days at a time. They have NOTHING. No food, no water, no shelter and in some cases, no clothes. Yikes! The goal? To see if you can survive with nothing. They are surrounded by wildlife, including BIG cats. There are no guarantees of safety. People who are VERY different surround them on a daily basis. They have to learn to get along together. I’ll admit, … [Read more...]

When you feel inadequate for the calling in front of you

Confidence. It's something most of us struggle with. And I'll be the first to admit that at different times in my life, my confidence has been shaken to the core; mostly by the words spoken to me by others. Words that caused me to question myself. Words that someone thought were funny, but were hurtful. Words that spoke defeat instead of victory. Words meant to guilt me into something. Words meant to quiet me instead of empowering me. Words from the childhood playground to the company meeting room. And with each and every word, I’ve felt inadequate. Less than. Unqualified. Not only have the words of others impacted me, but also the words I have spoken to myself. Words like: Who am I kidding, I can’t do this. … [Read more...]