6 Traits of a Successful Christian Woman Entrepreneur

I’ll never forget the day when my first business/ministry went LIVE on the Internet. I was thrilled with excitement about what the future held and I couldn’t wait to see all the lives that God would allow me to impact. As I set out on this entrepreneurial journey, I quickly learned that while there were good days, there would also be some very hard days. Days where I not only questioned what I was doing, but days where I wondered if God would allow this “business” to grow. After pursuing a couple of businesses, God led me in another direction, Social Media. And even though I had some successes with my other 2 businesses, God was leading me to another field, another harvest. I had to be willing to let go of my “first entrepreneurial … [Read more...]

Capturing God-Given Opportunities

When I first entered the world of Social Media in January of 2012, I was meeting with a business coach. And I vividly remember sharing with her how I REALLY wanted to serve churches; I wanted to help churches with their online presence. And when I shared this with her, she immediately said, "Don't do it. You'll never make money." And because I was so new to this "harvest," I took her words to heart and moved forward in other ways. Well, fast forward to 2017 and you will see that more and more churches today are not only seeking outside help with their online profiles, but they are also hiring full-time Communication/Online Specialists. Churches today are realizing the importance of having a great presence online. Not only are churches … [Read more...]

How To Overcome The “Fear of Missing Out.”

Does the “Fear Of Missing Out” get the best of you? Do you easily get off track when a bright, new, shiny object comes your way? New opportunity? New course? New coach? New city? New Home? New job? New business partnership? These things are not bad, but when God has given you something specific to focus on and something specific to give your time to, then yes, these things are just “things” that will distract you and keep you from completing the task that God has already given you. Today, let’s look at Noah. God told him to build a boat, a big boat, because a flood was coming, something that Noah had never experienced before or really, even understood. God spoke and gave him a very specific assignment; an assignment that was not easy. … [Read more...]

When You Don’t Know What To Do…

Maybe this morning you woke up with more questions than answers. And if you're honest with yourself, you just don't know what to do. The questions are overwhelming. The lack of direction is wearing you out. And you're finding yourself burdened by it all. You’re at a complete loss because this has never been you. You were the girl who knew her dreams and how she wanted her life to look. You were the girl that everyone looked up to. You were the girl that everyone said had a bright future ahead of her. You were the girl that had complete faith that God would do some BIG things in her life. And yet, here you are questioning everything. Life has been hard. Your dreams have been shattered. And your life looks so “ordinary” compared to the … [Read more...]

God will find you…

Maybe you can relate to one or all of the statements below: I always feel like there is something more, but feeling the need to be still and wait. I continually have this compulsion that there is much more God wants me to do. I’m wondering if God has or wants more. I feel like God is leading me on a journey somewhere, I’m just not sure right now. For many of us, we have this stirring deep within us, a restlessness that seems to never go away. We feel like there is more or should be more to this life than what is out there waiting for us, but we just can’t quite pinpoint it. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we feel this deep “loss” within us. We start questioning whether or not we are in “God’s will.” Are we doing what we … [Read more...]