Monthly Meal Planning System

I want to be efficient with my time! So, a major focus for this quarter has been creating good systems that allow me to make the most of my time. One area where I needed a new system was with my meal planning. We previously did our meal planning weekly, but I always found myself STUCK because I couldn’t figure out what to make each week. I felt like we were in the same pattern, eating the same thing week after week. So, I started thinking about a different way to do our meal planning. And, I created the perfect system for us...a monthly meal planning system! Here’s how it works: #1: Create Daily Dinner Themes Identify a type of meal or meat that you’d like to have each day of the week. Here’s what we decided on: Monday – Soup (or … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Manage Your Everyday Stress

We all experience everyday stressors. Whether it's jamming our toe, a cranky child, traffic jam, a disagreement with a friend, feeling overwhelmed at work, or financial worries- not to mention the major life stressors. Our body sees them all as stress, so in response our adrenal glands create a flood of stress hormones that can wreak havoc on our bodies. I used to see stress as an everyday occurrence that I couldn't do much to control. It just happened...right? I've struggled with autoimmune challenges for the last 16 years, but it's really this year that I'm starting to tackle them full on. I'm on a mission to heal my body from the inside out and I'm discovering  just how essential good stress management is to our overall … [Read more...]

Self Care Isn’t Selfish

Who in the world started the rumor that Self Care is selfish?!?! Ahem…the enemy, that’s who. He knows that if you are sick, tired, worn out, and fed up you can’t be all you were created to be and you won’t enjoy your life as God intended. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10 NIV So, he started the nasty rumor that Self Care is selfish by whispering lies such as: “You don’t have time to take care of yourself. You have more important things to do.” “You can’t afford to invest in your health. Your family needs things more important than that.” “What you do today can’t possibly make a difference. You’re too far gone. Might as well just eat … [Read more...]

Self-Care is Not Selfish & How to Start Right Now

We're thrilled to have Rachel Macy Stafford from The Hands Free Revolution guest blogging for us today! On an unseasonably warm spring day, my body let me know there was a problem. I didn’t feel like myself, and I wasn’t acting like myself. After smashing a casserole dish on the kitchen counter in a moment of frustration, I told my family what I planned to do to better care for myself. I’d give up the soda addiction and drink more water. I’d start running again, even a mile or two of heart-pumping sweat could do wonders. I’d be more selective when it came to writing opportunities. I’d get at least seven hours of sleep. I’d go to a specialist and get to the bottom of a six-month long bladder infection instead continuing to take different … [Read more...]

End Of The Day Routine

I’ve recently started having an end of the day routine and I’m amazed and how it helps me wake up so much more prepared for the next day! Here’s a little snapshot into my End of the Day Routine: Discussion Question: What does your end of the day routine look like? … [Read more...]