How to Create a Vision Board

Last week I posted this picture of my Vision Board on Facebook. I immediately started getting messages from women asking how they could create a vision board and do they really work! Great questions that deserve a blog post. Ask God to show you HIS vision & direction for the upcoming year I personally think this is the most important step. I want to follow God’s vision and direction for my life. So, I set aside a couple of hours to just spend time praying and asking God to show me His plan for my upcoming year. I use this time to read scripture, listen to worship music, pray, and journal. During this time with God, I hope to identify several key things {these are the coaching assignments in the My Plan tab of the iBloom … [Read more...]

5 BIG Blessings that Come from Starting Small in Business

I have the blessing of working with many AMAZING women in business. They dream of having a successful business that impacts the lives of many. Deep down, many want to be the overnight success. When they are honest with themselves, they want to work hard, but only for a short period of time before they see BIG results. Most are praying for God to bless their business, which usually means with more clients, more sales and ultimately more money. I’ve heard many say, “this would be a huge success if only Oprah would endorse me” or “if I could just be a guest on Good Morning America, then I would be able to reach so many more people.” I’ve recently watched the crumbling of a once very successful business. It’s been heartbreaking. The problems … [Read more...]