Why Successful Women CAN Wear The Same Thing Every Day!

There are a variety of articles circulating that are based on successful men and why they wear the same thing every day. Specifically, the most popular article by Mashable, “Why Zuck and other successful men wear the same thing every day.”

In response to these articles, there’s A LOT of discussion about whether or not women can do the same. Many say women can not, it’s not fair, equality for women still has a long way to go, and so on. As I read through the articles and comments, I knew I had to share my side.

You see, I’m one of those women who wear practically the same thing every day. I have my “signature” black outfit that is made up of black pants and a black shirt. Depending on the day or event, you will either find me in my signature Nike black casual top or my “dressed” up black blouse. And if it’s a really casual day, you will find me in my black yoga pants and Nike black top. Quite frankly, I LOVE my “same” outfits and the freedom of not having to think about it each day provides.

Whether you want to change your approach to fashion is up to you but I’d like to challenge you to uncomplicate an area in your life so that you can focus on the areas that are of highest priority to you.

So, why can successful women wear the same thing every day?

1.   They don’t worry about pleasing others: They know who they are and have no desire to live their lives based on the desires of others. They are comfortable in their own skin.

2.   They know their self-worth is not based on the latest fashion trends: They know there is so much more to who they are than the clothes they wear.

3.   They don’t sweat the small stuff: They know and understand that in life, there are bigger and better things to focus on rather than what they are wearing!

4.   They don’t try to keep up with the Joneses: They are not trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing. They are not living their lives based on what everyone is wearing, thinks is fashionable or even, what other people define a successful woman to be. They do their own thing!

5.   They are ok with being different: They have no desire to fit in. Instead, they want to stand out! They are true to who they are!

6.   They enjoy simplicity in life: They know that life brings a variety of obstacles and challenges and quite frankly, clothes and fashion is not something they want to stress about. Simplicity = less stress.

7.   They could care less about what’s fair or not: While everyone else is arguing about what men can get away with and what women can’t, successful women just do their own thing and live life to the fullest.

A woman who wears the same thing everyday is a woman of confidence! She’s successful because she’s not only confident, but she’s focused on what’s really important in her life. You may be the complete opposite when it comes to fashion, (and that won’t make you unsuccessful) but whatever it is in your life that is complicated or frustrating, substitute “that thing” in this discussion and join me in the freedom that awaits on the other, simpler side. For me, it’s more about knowing what I’m here to do and rolling up my sleeves to get to work and not so much about which sleeves I’m rolling up.

I’d love to hear what you think. Do you wear the same things most days? If not, what other areas of your life will you choose to uncomplicate so you can free yourself up for greater success?

Jen Bennett

Dr. Jen Bennett is the Social Media/Communication Specialist and Project Manager at iBloom. Jen’s passion is helping businesses, ministries and individuals, #BeWorthFollowing. Jen enjoys speaking, training, and writing on all things that inspire and help leaders build a digital footprint and personal brand that is different and that helps them stand out and influence people in a crowded and noisy social media world.


  1. I LOVE this oh so much! I am also one who wears the same thing just about everyday. However, I’m definitely a jeans girl. I LOVE to wear my jeans – often the very same pair {washed, of course} – a nice top {usually blank} and my flip flops!

    In fact, if I find something I really like whether it’s a top, shoes, pants, etc., then I’ll buy them in a variety of colors. I personally love wearing the same things regularly because it frees up my mental energy to focus on other things.

  2. I too am a same kind dress style daily. I wear jeans and tees, on Sundays I wear a collared shirt or sweater depending on the weather. In my corporate days I had one red power suit for meeting and the rest wear black, grey or navy–always a white shirt. I love that what ever I grab out of the closet matches because it’s just one less decision to make. Now, fat jeans or skinny jeans is another story. HaHaHa!!! What a fun post Jen.

  3. I love this…but for a different reason than shared in the other comments. I love this, because you just gave me a whole lot of freedom. I’m one that has always struggled with fashion and trying to get it right. I always say I get a “F” in fashion. I work in professional office and need to dress the “part.” But oh, how I struggle. So, I’m going to take Kim Hawkins suggestion on what she wore during her corporate days–that is until, I can work from home. Then it will be yoga pants/sweat shirt or leggings/simple dress. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and giving me freedom to be me.

  4. I liked this article and that may sound weird from someone whose business is all about fashion! I own a retail boutique so while I don’t wear the EXACT same outfit every day I have learned what types of clothes I look best in, take the least amount of effort, but I still look fashionable and HOT! 😉 Since I sell fashion I have to look the part and that may seem like it would be hard getting dressed but for me it’s easy….I have a selection of easy swing dresses that feel like I’m wearing my pajamas. Throw one on with a pair of boots or sandals and I’m out the door. If it’s cold I throw on my favorite black yoga pants, a tee shirt and a denim jacket. That pretty much sums up my wardrobe. And yes….I do wear the same dresses all the time!

  5. and it doesn’t have to even be the same colors – think in UNITS…

    I have a ‘uniform’ — typically jeans and a tank top. And yes, even working at home, I jump up and get ready for my day. No yoga pants or PJs for this CEO 😉

    And if I have to do a web video or interview, run to a teacher conference or even go run errands, I throw on a vest, a scarf overlay or some type of ‘over-swag’ with my hip flops (dressed up sandals or flip flops)

    I always SEEM dressed up and feel super confident…and give very little thought to what I pull out of the closet, because it all is basically the same 🙂

    Kelly and Jenn are witnesses to this – EVEN ONStAGE 🙂


    • LOVE the thinking in Units! And like you Carrie, I too wake-up and get ready. I put my make-up on and add my jewelry to my “similar” outfit and I’m ready to go! And if it’s a recording day or such, there is always an extra to put on to help it stand out a little more! And by the way, I LOVE how you dress!! 🙂

  6. Joelle Brinkley says:

    I think it can be done but I’m still very much in the healing from approval addiction stage right now. I’m totally not fashionable or follow the trends savvy. This is even harder right now when I’m at the end of my pregnancy and there’s not much I can fit into anymore. I still work in an office right now so I have to “dress the part” but I’m trying to dress for what I’d like my fashion to be. Still trying to find out my style niche but will settle for full bellies in my household and a joyful husband and kids over fashion any day of the week!

  7. I love getting dressed everyday and don’t equate what I wear with how others make me feel. I wear something different everyday and it doesn’t feel like a chore rather it’s fun. When you discover what works for you build a wardrobe that you can reach into in the dark and get dressed. Even on days I work from my home office I dress up, put on makeup and do my hair. I agree with not letting fashion wear me but my wearing fashion. I wear what suits my body and have my signature look.

    When I started working at 17 years old in the corporate world a very sage mentor told me to always dress for the position I want to be promoted into not the position I am in. Thank you for a great thought provoking post.

  8. Great words Ruth! I LOVE how you say, “When you discover what works for you build a wardrobe that you can reach into in the dark and get dressed” So very true! It’s about finding what works for you! 🙂

  9. I am a jeans and long sleeve t-shirt girl… I am always chilly in my home office so the long sleeves is necessary. The change in the bottoms are do I wear them as long jeans or cuff them to make them capris 😉 Now the top, it is a variety of colors or graphic on them but yeah, long sleeved T here 😉

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