Why a Social Media Fast is Vital to the Success of Your Business

I have a confession to make. I REALLY like social media. And you know what? I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not the only one.

You see, the past couple of months I’ve been sensing that God is asking me to unplug a bit more. As you can imagine, I started asking questions like:

How can I possibly unplug from social media when this is what my career and calling is wrapped around?

I have a business to run. Unplugging from social media could be detrimental to the business.

I have people to encourage. People who are desperate for hope and inspiration. Unplugging could cause me to miss out on giving that extra dose of hope that someone needs.

And goodness, I just LOVE social media. Why should I unplug from something I love and I know that God has created me to do?

But you know what? The more questions I asked, the more I realized, “Jen, you need a break.”

Truth of the matter is, everyone is plugged in. Just take a walk and you’ll find more and more people looking down at their phones instead of what’s in front of them. No longer are you passing people who greet you with a warm smile. Instead, you see people moving quickly as they read the latest updates on their social media profiles.

Truth be told, WE are addicted to social media.

Social media addiction can take on many different forms:

1) Approval Addiction: Unfortunately, far too many people are looking for approval based on how many people like, share, comment or tweet their posts. Or, if someone disagrees with what they have posted, they start questioning who they are.

2) Numbers Addiction: If we have a business, we tend to focus on and agonize over the numbers on our Facebook page. Why are people not liking my posts? Why are people not talking with me? Why are people not answering my questions? Why are my posts not being seen? Why are my ads not getting me the numbers I once had?

3) Comparison Addiction: We look through the feed and see people taking vacations, buying new homes, going shopping, and just living life to the fullest. Before we know it, we start wondering why are lives don’t look like theirs. We start wondering why we got the short end of the stick.

4) Procrastination Addiction: We tell ourselves we are only going to check in real quick, but a couple of hours later we have found that we were totally sidetracked and failed to accomplish that big item on our To-Do List. Social media won again.

5) Success Addiction: We can get so caught up in aiming for success that we end up giving all of our time to social media and in turn, miss out on the life that we have been given today. We fear that if we don’t keep moving on social media, we will miss out on a new client, opportunity, etc.

Because we are so addicted to social media, I have found it vitally important to take part in a #SocialMediaFast. Yep, you read right, a social media fast. Truth be told, we have to set boundaries when it comes to social media. You do not need to be on your platforms 24/7. Honestly, stepping away and creating specific boundaries will help you avoid burnout and will lift a ton of stress off of you that you’ve been holding on to for way too long.

You see, sometimes we fail to hear the voice of God because we have so many other voices screaming for our attention. And so many of those voices come directly from social media. Voices that include:

Family updates
Friend updates
News updates
Business updates

And quite honestly, we tend to give so much time and energy to these voices all the while missing out on the one true voice that really matters, the voice of God.

So today, I want to challenge you to take a social media fast. Doing so will help you:

1) Deepen your relationship with God. Really, what could be better than that?
2) See His plan and purpose for your life and business.
3) Gain a new perspective on life and where you currently are in life.
4) Reconnect to those relationships that matter the most; the people who are living life with you on a daily basis.
5) Set-up boundaries. Instead of having social media run your day, you will take control of your day. You’ll set-up specific times that you will be online and times that you will not be online.
6) And most importantly, you will have the opportunity to hear the voice of God again. When you get rid of all the other noise, you will hear God clearly.

You may be asking, what does a social media fast look like? Here are some tips:

✓ Start off by fasting for a weekend. This is what I’ll be doing.
✓ Be sure to log out of every platform you are active on, both on your computer and phone.
✓ Stop reading blogs. Yep, don’t read any.
✓ If you can, turn off your phone and keep it away from you. When I do my fast, my husband will have his phone in case any family members need to get in touch with us. Mine will be turned off and put away.
✓ If you have business accounts on social media either (A) schedule your posts ahead of time or (B) have your virtual assistant take over the posting and engaging. Choose whichever one works best for you.
✓ Don’t check your email. Set-up an automatic message that goes out to everyone who emails you letting them know that you are unavailable but will be back in touch with them early next week.
The time that you would have spent on social media, reading blogs and responding to emails, is the time that you need to spend with God in prayer.

I just LOVE these quotes from Mark Batterson that speak directly to what fasting and praying will do for you and your business:

“Prayer is the way we write the future. It’s the difference between letting things happen and making things happen.”

“If you want to find your voice, you need to hear the voice of God.”

“Don’t worry about building a platform. If you listen to God, people will listen to you.”

Truthfully, we spend so much time making plans as we try to figure out life and business, that we ultimately end up running around in circles.

I’m pretty confident that if instead, we would give our full attention to God and seek His face like never before, in turn, He will speak to us like never before. He will give us “God Ideas” that could only come from Him. He will build our platforms that no planning on our end could have ever of done. He will move in ways that we have never even dreamed about.

I’m ready to plan my social media weekend fast…..are you? Let me know below!

Jen Bennett

Dr. Jen Bennett is the Social Media/Communication Specialist and Project Manager at iBloom. Jen’s passion is helping businesses, ministries and individuals, #BeWorthFollowing. Jen enjoys speaking, training, and writing on all things that inspire and help leaders build a digital footprint and personal brand that is different and that helps them stand out and influence people in a crowded and noisy social media world.


  1. Jen,
    I love what you’ve written and I am so there. I had once again found myself going in circles trying to keep up with work, business, projects that I let them take priority over getting into God’s presence and being still. I shared this with a friend just last week as I was walking into Mardel’s to browse through the books. I came out with “Jesus Calling” and when I read the day’s reading the scripture that was quoted was Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” With this word God so graciously reminded me that I can still enter His presence and His rest. Thank you for writing such a poignant post. Greatly needed.


    • Thank you so much Alicia. It’s so important that we do take the time to truly rest and put aside the noise of life, specifically the noise of social media that can so easily trap us. I have found that when we “close up shop” and focus in on Him, God gives us a new perspective, new vision and new love what the work that He’s doing in us and in our business. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Great post! It really hit home for me!

  3. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after
    reading through some of the post I realized it’s
    new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be
    bookmarking and checking back often!

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