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We’re all in this together. Business and life are better when we work together, encourage each other, and warn each other when there is reason to exercise caution ahead. When something is working or we find something we love, we as women want to SHARE IT with our friends! We don’t want them to waste money and time on products, recipes, business models, or methods that just don’t work. When something works great, we want to help other women shorten the learning curve and gain from our experience. Yes, women are pretty awesome like that. We hope you will be encouraged and find something that you can implement in your own business as well from our weekly spotlight of our iBloom In Business Community: What’s Working for Women In Business!

This week, we share an interview with Terri Schrews, The Spiritual Growth Coach at Terri Schrews Coaching www.MoveForwardinFaith.com


Terri, tell us a little about what you do.

I am a Christian Life Coach, Freelance Writer, and Host of the weekly radio program Moving Forward in Faith on the Christian Women Affiliate Radio Network. I help women lead more authentic, rewarding, and purpose-filled lives, through heart-centered coaching and spiritual disciplines.

What would you say is working really well for you in your business right now?

I am gaining a steady following on my weekly podcast Moving Forward in Faith. This is increasing my platform and opening up doors for me to reach others across the country.

How has iBloom helped you grow your business?

The iBloom speaker training led by Betsy Ringer has been an incredibly powerful resource for me. I have been able to incorporate the model provided by Betsy and adapt it for use across multiple platforms. I have used it for speaking engagements and to plan talks for my podcast.

3 tips to help you make it work in your business too:

  1. Focus on an area that can help you grow your business. Look for ways to share your message with your ideal customer. Look for ways to genuinely serve your customers in a consistent way.
  2. Get training where you need it. If you own a business, you are a speaker. You need to be able to share your message: in person, online, over the phone, and yes, even sometimes on a stage. If speaking is a part of your skill set that needs some work, Betsy Ringer is offering a FREE training that you won’t want to miss. Learn more and register here.
  3. Work your plan. Once you’ve received great training or information, go DO! Implement what you learn or you won’t see any results. Plan some time into your schedule after each conference you attend, training you listen to, etc. just so you can make a plan to use what you learned. Build in that implementation time and then, go work your plan.

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