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We love our clients SO MUCH and when one of them is celebrating a win, a breakthrough, or the launch of a new something special, we want to celebrate with them too! So each week, we will be taking time to celebrate what is working for women in our iBloom in Business community. This is where we celebrate the success of REAL women in our community, share tips for implementing the same things that worked for them, and simply encourage you to keep up the good work!
This week, we share an interview with Susan Tolles, Founder of The Flourishing Life.

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Susan, tell us a little about The Flourishing Life.

My life purpose is to “inspire and equip women to flourish from the inside out,” and I do that through coaching, programs and resources to help them experience life, faith and career abundantly at The Flourishing Life. Midlife women often feel a loss of identity and purpose after putting themselves at the bottom of their to-do list for many years, and I come alongside them to re-kindle their passion for life as they live out God’s plan.

What would you say is working really well for you in your business right now?

Allowing my business to be God-driven instead of me-driven! I have surrendered myself to His plan, and He continues to open up a wider vision for me than I ever would have imagined! I’m working my part and trusting God to do His part. I’m learning from the free trainings iBloom offers, being active in the Inner Circle, and gaining so much from my Boot Camp with Kelly!

Would you share how has iBloom helped you grow your business?

The generous free training has been a huge help, and joining the Inner Circle has given me a community of like-minded women to grow and learn with. I am currently in the Boot Camp and am totally focused on my 90-day plan, which is what having the support and accountability of Kelly and the group is all about! I find that I love to create, but implementing is a bit harder. iBloom is keeping me laser-focused on what I need to do over the next 90 days to meet my goals.

How would you encourage midlife women who are feeling stuck?

I’d love to invite them to my free call on Thursday, September 4th where I will share the 5 biggest challenges that keep midlife women stuck and give ways for overcoming those challenges. You can learn more and register here. I’m excited to think of the women who will attend and have “aha” moments to get them moving and excited about where they are in life!

3 tips to help you make it work in your business too:

  1. Pray like it depends on God but work like it depends on you. Be continually learning & taking advantage of the free trainings that are in line with what you are doing. Work your plan with tenacity and give the results part over to God. Trust that He is at work and will do His part when you do your part.
  2. Seek accountability for your goals. You need someone who knows what you are working towards and when you plan to complete those goals. The Inner Circle is a great place to do this but it can also be your coach or a business-minded friend. Let someone else you trust know your plans so they can help hold you accountable to reaching your goals.
  3. Know your strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly. Susan recognized that she excels at creating but has a harder time implementing. One way to know more about your strengths and weaknesses is to study your personality. Our iBloom Speaking Specialist has some fantastic resources that can help you with this. Check out The Personalities: Learn to Know Yourself and Others to be sure you know where you excel and where you will need enforcement.

10494635_10153017432814552_3529525659992663538_nHave questions for Susan or just want to congratulate her on all of the great things she’s up to? You can find her on Facebook and don’t forget to join her on her FREE call on September 4th The Top 5 Challenges That Keep Midlife Women Stuck & How To Overcome Them. Check it out HERE!

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