What’s Working for Women In Business: Noelle D’Intino

Excited to share What’s Working for Women In Business with you!

This is becoming one of our favorite things each week at iBloom. You want to know why? Because our iBloom In Business mission is to equip you to build a successful business while living a life you love. Here, each week, we are celebrating with women who are doing just that! And it makes our iBloom Team so very happy to see each and every woman experience success, big or small. We will share what is working for one of our clients and then show you how to apply it to YOUR business.

This week, we share an interview with Noelle D’Intino, Owner of Flip My Center.

Flip My Center

Noelle, tell us a little about your business.

My sister, Sarah, and I own a successful child care center and we open my front doors to other child care centers across the country to teach them how to build enrollment, motivate their teachers, and create more efficient processes that save time and money.

What is working right now in helping your business succeed and continue to grow?

Social Media is working really well for me to convert followers to customers. I am using Facebook and Pinterest to do this. I have created many boards on Pinterest that match up with my clients  “biggest ache”! I create pins and infographics and share them on Facebook. I’m always sharing how to solve a problem and provide the resource on Pinterest which is then linked back to my website. This has converted into sales of products and classes.

How has iBloom helped you?

iBloom has helped me to focus on the biggest ache my clients have and not the classes I know my clients need. Now every class I teach, every product I create has 1 focus – one of their biggest aches. I have attended many classes and seminars which always provide me with great inspiration and information and I save them to listen to again and again.   iBloom has had a wonderful positive impact on helping me to grow my business and I can’t thank them enough for all the support of the iBloom team and the Inner Circle community – someone is always there for encouragement or information and I love that!

What iBloom products and services have helped you most as you’ve grown your business?

I have taken the opportunity to coach with Kelly which helped me to gain new clients after a very long dry spell (it’s all about the biggest ache my friends!). The iBloom In Business book is a great resource – when I’m sitting down before creating a new class or product I have the book right next to me.  I LOVE the iBloom In Life & Business Planner!  My whole life is in that planner and it’s so great to hold the book instead of my phone where I had been tracking my plans. I find I’m getting more done and working more efficiently because I am really planning out my weeks. I have LOVED connecting with the woman in the Inner Circle.   I cherish the day the videos come out – whether I’m working on that topic or not I find the information in them is so beneficial to everything about my business. Everything is laid out so clearly you can’t help but to be successful.   I also love working with my Virtual Assistant Dawn- she is a godsend!   She knows everything I don’t plus more!

Have questions for Noelle or just want to find out more about Flip My Center? Visit her at Flip My Center.

Noelle is really moving and shaking she takes advantage of all that iBloom has to offer. We are SO excited for her!

3 Tips to help YOU make it work for YOUR business, too:

  • Serve your ideal customer’s biggest ache: Every product you create or service you provide needs to serve your customer’s ache. They need help and you want to be the one to help them. Be sure you are serving them in an area where they already know they need you, instead of trying to convince them to buy what you have. It is all about serving the customer and helping them solve their biggest ache.
  • Go back to your plan: You will have days when you feel off. Grab your planner and take some time to re-evaluate. Does something need tweaking? Are you losing focus from what you are setting out to do? Go back to your plan, pray for guidance, and re-visit those resources that help you stay on track.
  • Delegate: You can’t possibly know how to do everything or have time to do everything! Look for places where you can delegate tasks to others. This will save you time and money in the long run. Make a list of all of the tasks you are doing now and determine what is and isn’t in your brilliance zone. You can learn more about how to go through this process in Section #6 of the iBloom In Business book.

iBloom Team

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