What’s Working for Women in Business: Kimberly Vallee-Pierre

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We love our clients and when one of them is celebrating, we want to celebrate with them too! So each week, this is where we CELEBRATE the success of REAL women in our community, SHARE TIPS so you can implement the things that are working for them, and ENCOURAGE you to keep moving forward! The world needs what you have to offer. Really, it does! Keep pushing forward and before you know it, YOU will be the one we’re celebrating!

This week, we share an interview with Kimberly Vallee-Pierre, owner of Kimberly Kate and also the health coach for our iBloom Team!


Kimberly, tell us what Kimberly Kate is all about.

Kimberly Kate is about empowering women to live healthy lives, reach their ideal weight, and start living the life they’ve always dreamed of.

What would you say is working really well for you in your business right now?

My website! The feedback I’ve received about the new website has been spectacular. People are saying they want to be healthier just from being on my site! It’s been a great tool for list building too and was a huge help in getting people signed up for the free webinar I did in July.

How has iBloom helped you grow your business?

iBloom has truly helped my dream become a reality! I knew that I wanted to be of service and help people make positive life changes, but I had no idea how to put things in motion or how to even get started. From an amazing logo creation, to a brand new brilliant website and everything in between, the iBloom In Business Team has been instrumental in me having a successful business and launch. Copywriting is great and the support from project management and administration goes above and beyond. I am overjoyed to have created the Healthy Living Journal {my One Book} and produced the Take-A-Break Bath Salts {my Low Cost Product} to sell. I never thought I’d have products to sell and with iBloom’s help, I now have two! Kelly’s insight as a coach is invaluable and I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with her so early on in my business journey.   I am sure that iBloom and I have lots of fun adventures ahead and I can’t wait!

How would you encourage women who are feeling overwhelmed and just aren’t sure where to start when it comes to improving their health?

I have a free teleclass coming up next week, The Secret Sauce To Wellness- 5 Ways To Feel Fabulous By Friday. You will get action steps to help you make a difference without getting overwhelmed. You can get all the details and register here.

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3 tips to help you make it work in your business too:

  1. Love your website. Take time to get it right so you will be excited to share your business with your customers. Be sure your message is clear so that people will know what you are all about and will want to do business with you! Speak to the ache of your customer and make it clear that you are the solution they need. For information on making your website irresistible, check out our iBloom’s website packages.
  2. Build Your Dream Team. You will need help with something someday…guaranteed. Start building your team of experts that you can contact for help when you need it. iBloom is ready and waiting to help you with your business but no matter who you choose to be on your dream team, be humble enough to seek expert advice and support when you need it.
  3. Never stop learning. Being able to get business coaching from someone who can be objective and has years of experience can save you from major growing pains and costly mistakes. We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to learn and grow in your business and we want to help you avoid costly mistakes. Click here to learn more about the business coaching options at iBloom.

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