What’s Working For Women In Business: Kim Vander Poel

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Oh how we love this part of the week! Time to get inspired, celebrate with other women in business, and hopefully a time for each of you to get your “nugget”. That nugget could be anything in this post that will inspire you to take on part of your business (or life) with a new spark, perspective, or practical tip that will make life and business easier for YOU. At iBloom, we are all about helping you succeed in business, whatever your definition of success may be. Join us as we highlight one of the ladies in our iBloom community & be on the lookout for your nugget from her story.

This week, we share an interview with Kim Vander Poel, Founder & Social Media Specialist at Fresh Impact www.freshimpact4biz.com

Fresh Impact

Kim, tell us a little about Fresh Impact.

Fresh Impact is a creative content and social media management company serving small to medium businesses. Many business owners know they need social media but often don’t know where to start. I chose to name the company Fresh Impact because I wanted to assist businesses in having a fresh impact in the online world.

What would you say is working really well for you in your business right now?

The ability to use my unique and creative skill set to serve others in advancing their business. I have a heart for helping others with the things that don’t come naturally to them and when they partner with Fresh Impact, it frees up their time so they can be more intentional in living into their priorities.

How has iBloom helped you grow your business?

There are no words that could accurately describe how iBloom has impacted my business and more importantly, my life. Every single person on the iBloom team has treated me with love, kindness and respect, along with such a servant heart. By their example, they are demonstrating to women how to live a life of God in today’s world. Most of my interactions have been with Dr Jen. She is a gifted instructor who not only teaches her students, she inspires them to be someone better than they ever thought possible. She believes in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves.

I use the iBloom Life & Business Planner faithfully, every day. Love it! I also have a few of iBloom’s books, I’ve downloaded many webinars, and most recently, I completed the Social Media Management Training. Every one of the products I’ve received exceeds all expectations.

3 tips to help you make it work in your business too:

  1. Use your skills to make your customers’ lives easier: Be clear on your gifts and talents so you will know how you can help your customers. Each day, set out to be helpful to your customers with your products, blog posts, emails, etc. Have a heart for serving them and being a helper and keep learning & growing so you can be the expert your customers are looking for.
  2. Be consistent with your plan: Have a plan and be consistent in doing the daily tasks it takes to get there. Kim uses the iBloom Planner faithfully. Consistent action toward your goals is what it takes to make progress. Not sure what your next steps are for your business? Take the Which Business Owner Are You Quiz to find out where you can best invest your time & resources when it comes to growing your business.
  3. Believe that what you do makes a difference: Take the time to see how what you do connects to the bigger picture for your customer. Kim recognizes that when her customers delegate the Social Media piece to her, it frees them up to invest in the areas that are highest priority for them. This adds a higher sense of purpose to her work and gives her the extra push to serve her customers in an exceptional way.

Kim Vander Poel


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