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Excited to share What’s Working for Women In Business with you! Jo Ann Fore

Here it is again! Time to celebrate what is working for women in our iBloom In Business Community.  Each week, we’re taking a look at someone who is experiencing growth, reaching goals, and moving closer and closer to her sweet spot! Grab your coffee or tea and join us in taking a close look at real women who are out there “doing” and you will see how it can work for your business too.

This week, we share an interview with Jo Ann Fore, who is a popular blogger, certified Life Purpose Facilitator, and published author at Jo Ann Fore, the Hope Coach

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Jo Ann, tell us a little about what you do.

One of my greatest joys comes from teaching women to uncover and express slices of their own stories in a way that changes everything. I know coming from brokenness myself, what a joy it is to now live a full, free life that is full of joy and purpose. I want other women to experience this too!

What would you say is working really well for you in your business right now?

I’m laser-focused on my priorities. As I sit with specific goals front and center and learn to work backwards from there, I daily move closer to living into those priorities.

The past year has blurred by, moving through these phases of a traditionally published book contract and subsequent release. Somewhere in the midst of chasing word counts, revisions, and platform numbers, I lost a little bit of me. That part of me that has the {extra} time to knit hearts with women in a way that brings out the best in us, that allows us to step into our stories and engage each other in ways that really matter.

I’m learning I can’t be everything to everyone, and my deepest passion runs for those who have a heart to encourage others, these women encouragers who themselves feel compelled to somehow make a difference in the lives of others. And making the intentional choice to focus on my priorities affords me the opportunity to now invest in ways I couldn’t before.

How do we get started sharing our own story?

Whether you want to encourage your neighbor or change the world, I invite you to join me for a free training that I’m hosting next week (Tuesday, September 16th). I’ll be sharing the #1 way to reach, encourage, and impact others. My goal is for each woman on the call or who listens to the recording later, to gain a greater confidence in sharing their own story so they really can make a difference. You can learn more and register for FREE here.

How has iBloom helped you grow your business?

About seven years ago, I sat with Kelly as she and I drafted a “five-year plan.” When I stepped too far away from that plan, I experienced a wicked self-doubt that seemed to sabotage my efforts, but in her wisdom Kelly had built in practical, executable steps for each phase so during those seasons of doubt, I forced myself to return to those plans, to regularly walk it out.

Not long ago, Kelly and I revisited that plan to discover the majority of those things had come to fruition in my life. In big ways. I think maybe two things on that list were yet unrealized, and to be candid, those were both things I simply didn’t devote energy to.

It was only natural to return to Kelly in this new season of life, these days where I needed direction to step into the latest version of me. I had scaled my mountains of choice and standing at the top of those mountains I now needed to decide whether to slide sideways {without much effort} or choose a higher, more adventurous peak. As a regular coaching client of Kelly’s now, she has helped me gain this clarity, and is once again helping me with these confidence issues that have a way of leaking through when we’re moving into the best version of ourselves.

Also with Kelly’s passion for an “ideal schedule,” she has yet again become a catalyst for change in my life. Having worked {and lived} many years at what I now recognize an unsustainable pace, I’m zealously chasing this new life of balance as I implement specific systems Kelly has introduced me to that help save both time and energy.

This identifying what it is I want to do and whom {exactly} I want to serve has built a much more viable framework from which to operate, one that allows me to not just help those God allows me to serve through my business, but also to serve my family as well as my own needs better. And that, I believe, is learning to live a life one loves. For that experience alone, I am uber grateful to Kelly and her team.

3 tips to help you make it work in your business too:

  1. You can’t be everything to everyone. Prioritize each season. Prune things out of your schedule that aren’t a high priority. Seek to work and live at a sustainable pace.
  2. Have a plan and work backwards from there. Visualize yourself at the finish line! Be able to breathe it, taste it, and touch it in your mind. Then work backwards from that vision until it IS your REALITY.
  3. Create, revise, & live your ideal schedule. Don’t give up on creating your own personal ideal schedule. Yes, it will probably need lots of tweaking until you get it right and then something will happen and you will need to revise it again. Just keep revising until you find that your planner and your day match your priorities. You can do it!

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  1. Love this!!! Such great information for every woman in ministry and business!! Thank you, Jo Ann and iBloom for always providing us solid content for every season!! 🙂

  2. Marie Bride says:

    Thank You Dear Jo Ann for continuing to encourage our hearts with honesty, clarity and Love!

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