What’s Working For Women In Business: Harriet Yoder

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We love to cheer on our clients when their hard work is paying off! There is so much that happens between starting something and seeing results. When you see results, big or little, we encourage you to take a minute and CELEBRATE! Each week in our iBloom in Business community, we invite you to celebrate each other and share tips that are working in your business!

This week, we share an interview with Harriet Yoder, owner of Lamp Post Homeschool


Harriet, tell us about Lamp Post Homeschool’s mission.

Our mission is to offer high quality homeschool curriculum to home educators. Lamp Post Homeschool has curriculum and advice to help you and your children to not only keep on homeschooling but to actually ENJOY it.

In business since 1997, Lamp Post Homeschool offers both online and in-store homeschool curriculum shopping, product reviews, and encouraging articles. We offer affordable, family-friendly homeschool curriculum with a Christian perspective. As veteran homeschoolers, we understand the difficult decisions and sacrifices that parents face when choosing to homeschool, selecting the right curriculum, and in living the homeschool life. We want to help parents enjoy teaching their children at home and to continue homeschooling. We’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel and the benefits that our own children are enjoying now. We are so happy to share that light with others helping them find their way. It is wonderful to be able to serve our customers and offer encouragement to families on their homeschool journey!

What would you say is working really well for you in your business right now?

Our new logo and website makeover! It’s a clean, bright, mobile-responsive design. We’ve received lots of great feedback about how much better it looks now. Whenever I see the site and logo as I’m working, it makes me smile and reminds me that what we do for our customers is important. It’s a bit early to tell the long term impact of the move, but 4-6 weeks after the move, the stats are looking better every day. One stat I will share is that the bounce rate on our home page is nearly half of what it used to be, and overall our site bounce rate has decreased, too. This means people are staying longer when they visit our site and that means we are able to help more families!

How has iBloom helped you grow your business?

In my life, the first positive influence was reading Kelly’s book, I Choose 2Love My Life. I was at a place where I felt like I wasn’t using my talents the way God intended. I wanted to get in my “Brilliance Zone” as Kelly calls it. Reading her book motivated me to make the necessary changes I need to make in order to get there.

Probably the biggest impact on my business has been the site redesign and new logo/branding, but I also need to share how much being a member of the Inner Circle has helped me. Besides the monthly trainings and the ability to ask for advice in the FB Inner Circle group, I’ve made some great connections with members of the group. It’s very encouraging and supportive.

I saw a 4-pack 3-ring notebook set today at Sam’s and thought I need that for all of my iBloom In Business materials! They were four different bright colors that I could use to organize all my iBloom trainings by category: Social Media, Branding and Creating My Products, and for my iBloom Business Planner. My planner notebook is overflowing!!! Next time, I’m ordering my planner EARLY before they sell out! The printable version has been helpful but I’m buying the pre-bound planner next time.

I also have to share that although I’ve been in business with my husband for quite a few years and we’ve learned a lot together along the way, the iBloom team with their servant heart and wonderful trainings has helped me tremendously! They have truly helped me connect all the dots of my business knowledge in a way that is working to improve our business and make my life easier.

3 tips to help you make it work in your business too:

  1. Design your business around a life you love. You can have a wildly successful business financially speaking but if you don’t love the life you’re living, is it really a success? Identify your priorities for life and then work your business around those priorities. The iChoose2 Love My Life book is your guide to designing the life you want. Until you know what that looks like, it will be impossible to truly be “successful” in your business.
  2. Know your Brilliance Zone. Know what you are great at and love to do, what you can do but don’t enjoy, and what you are completely terrible at doing. You need to know these things so you can find your sweet spot in your business. In the beginning, you may have to do more things outside of your Brilliance Zone than you’d like but as you grow, have a plan to move toward your Brilliance Zone and delegate the rest.
  3. Be in a supportive community. You need a soft place to land on a tough day, ongoing business training from a Christian perspective, encouraging women to give you feedback, and women who are invested in helping you succeed. We are stronger when we are in community! It helps to know we are not the only one struggling to live into our priorities, needing help learning to run a business, and needing sound business advice in order to avoid costly mistakes. Stop trying to figure it all out on your own. There is a better way! The iBloom Inner Circle is a community of women who are on a mission to design a successful business around a life they love! To learn more visit https://ibloom.co/businessinnercircle/

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