What’s Working For Women in Business: Aloted Omoba

Excited to share What’s Working for Women In Business with you!

We love our clients SO MUCH and when one of them is celebrating a new book release, we want to celebrate with her too! This week we are so happy to celebrate what is working for a woman in our iBloom in Business community. While celebrating her accomplishment, we also want to share tips for implementing the same things that worked for her with YOU! Keep up the good work and your day will come. Don’t give up!

This week, we share an interview with Aloted Omoba, owner of Super Working Mum, www.superworkingmum.com


Aloted, tell us a little about SuperWorkingMum.com

I help working mums, particularly Christian mums, who are overwhelmed to achieve balance and fulfillment in their lives. I organize weekend retreats and online time management programs where I teach them how they can BE MORE and how to balance it all by prioritizing.

What would you say is working really well for you in your business right now?

One thing that is working well would have to be my weekend retreats! The first time I ran it, I wasn’t sure that anyone would be interested… but it sold out in two weeks! It was an awesome experience connecting with other women, just chilling out, and spending time in God’s presence.

My retreats have made me realize that there is a real need for mothers to take time away from their everyday lives in order to refresh and rejuvenate their bodies, minds and spirit. So for this reason, I strive to make each retreat better than the previous one so I can cater to the needs of my audience.

How has iBloom helped you grow your business?

iBloom has helped my business in lots and lots of ways. I am a member of the iBloom Inner Circle and I have picked up lots of strategies for my business, apart from that, the support in the group is real!

I must say the iBloom In Business book was an eye opener for me. In fact, after reading it I was motivated to write my ONE book- Super Working Mum Living and Loving Life to the Fullest. I started writing my book the beginning of January 2014 and by September I had my own ONE book printed! The reviews have been fantastic and I can only say a BIG thank you to Kelly Thorne Gore for giving me the virtual push! 🙂

The Super Working Mum book is a tool kit for the working woman and mother. Throughout this book, you will find a tool to tackle every nutty issue of life you might face as a woman, wife and mother. It ranked number 2 in the Christian living category of Amazon and the reviews are amazing!

If you would like a copy on Amazon kindle or paper back please click HERE

3 tips to help you make it work in your business too:

  1. Know what your ideal customer needs & keep looking for ways to improve how you serve them. You must continually tune-in to what your ideal customer needs and the better you are able to hear them, the better you are able to serve them.
  2. Write your own ONE Book. Your ONE Book is a great way to get your message out and establish yourself as the expert in your niche. To learn more about writing your one book, visit https://ibloom.co/how-to-write-your-one-book-in-just-6-weeks/
  3. Believe YOU are the expert. You have something to offer! Do all you can to be learning and serving your customer in the best way possible and then BELIEVE that you really are the expert that your customers can turn to for help. When you truly believe you add value to your customers, you will be able to serve them in a stronger and more effective way.

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  1. Great feature. Welldone Aloted!
    The Super Working Mum book is very pratical and and I sure have learnt a lot as a wife, mother and a business woman!

  2. Great story. Very encouraging for the rest of us out here who want to publish a book. Can’t wait to get the book. Congrats Aloted!

  3. Titi Danso says:

    Well done Aloted.
    You have worked really hard and you deserve to be celebrated.

  4. Thank you Traycee. I appreciate you.
    Susan let me know what you think when you read it 🙂
    Titi, thanks for your word of encouragement 🙂

  5. Way to go, Aloted. A big congratulations once again. Having ready the book, I have picked up tips and creative ways of tackling the everyday struggles of a working mum, wife and mompreneur. Two thumbs up and a pinky.

  6. Thanks Rashidat 🙂

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