Be our VIP Guest for the 2013 iBloom Women’s Retreat

I’m SO excited to announce that we’re hosting a live and in-person iBloom Women’s Retreat – September 20-22 in Lexington, KY!  Yippee!!  To say that our iBloom team is excited would be a bit of an understatement.  It’s been over two years since we’ve hosted an in-person event and we’re really looking forward to spending a weekend with YOU!  This will be a life-changing weekend filled with inspiration, encouragement and spiritual renewal.  I want YOU to experience this weekend away from your day-to-day responsibilities, so you can invest in yourself!

You’ll find all of the details for the retreat by going to:  iBloom Women’s Retreat

In addition to the retreat, we’re also hosting a BIG contest!  This is your opportunity to be our VIP guest during the retreat.  This fabulous prize includes the following:

  • $500 Visa Gift Card to use toward travel & hotel at the retreat
  • An afternoon at the spa before the retreat begins
  • A private lunch with ME during the retreat
  • And, a “My Favorite Things” basket from our iBloom Team filled with some of our favorite goodies

And, I really want YOU to win, so be sure to take advantage of the many ways to get your name in the drawing!

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Kelly Thorne Gore


  1. What an amazing giveaway! Would love, love, love to win.

  2. This is an AMAZING Giveaway!!!!!!!

  3. Harriet Yoder says:

    The iBloom team is an inspiring group of ladies. I’ve learned so much from them and hope I’m able to attend this retreat! Winning would be lovely.

  4. I would love to win the vip for alot of reasons one being finances are tight as is everyone elses I am sure!

  5. I would love the chance to learn, grow, refresh, and link arms with the iBloom team and other Retreat attendees this September! The joy, friendship, and encouragement I’ve found from the iBloom in Business Facebook group is so close to my heart right now! I feel that the Retreat would be a beautiful extension and expansion of that!

  6. Jill Jones says:

    To get to meet lots of amazing women, fellowship, learn so much.

  7. I would love to come to the retreat to be refreshed but to also get to meet all the wonderful iBloom ladies, and others, that I have connected with online

  8. Well I would LOVE to receive all the benefits from this retreat but I REALLY just want to meet all you awesome ladies that I have known on facebook for all these years IN PERSON FINALLY!!:-D

  9. I would love the opportunity to attend this event and be fed spiritually and professionally. What an opportunity to plan out 2014 in September. Plus, this is my birthday weekend…would love to spend it with all of you.

  10. What a blessing this would be!

  11. Being a VIP guest would be an awesome opportunity. Because our finances are tight it would be a blessing.

  12. Tracey Mandarano Patacca says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to experience such an incredible event! I would love to win and have this be my first event/conference 😉

  13. I would love to win – because I never win anything!! Also, the opportunity to meet so many iBloom /FB friends for the first time!!

  14. iBloom ROCKS! I would love to hang out with them when I win a VIP spot to their retreat!!! WOOT WOOT

  15. I would love the opportunity to meet other professional creative christian women and since I live in KY it be close to home!! This is just awesome and would be a blessing in so many ways!

  16. This would be an an amazing expensive a chance to bring me closer to sharing my testimony and how God has blessed my life by being my strength and my hope.

  17. I think it would be a fabulous chance to grow! Not only for business, but as a person, as a woman….I love meeting new people and making new friends!!!!! 🙂

  18. Debbie Oliver says:

    Being able to connect with you and the other women at this event would truly be a blessing! I will be praying on it!

  19. In all honesty, I simply could use the break, focusing on something I’m passionate about……and without distraction from a house full of kids and dogs. 🙂

  20. This would be such an awesome treat!

  21. It would be great to win! What a fun way to connect with others… as VIP. Haha!

  22. I am excited to just attend. Even if I don’t win! My life has changed so much because of iBloom!

  23. The constant inspirational support and encouragement from this team is such a blessing. I would love to meet you all in person! Until then, I’ll just keep on loving ya’ll virtually!

  24. I have learned that my energy, attitude, focus, and actions are all greatly improved when I surround myself with Godly women who want to experience a good life by giving life and serving the Lord . As a self-employed/stay-at-home/homeschooling/ single parent to my Grandson (who has lived with me for 5 1/2 yrs; whom I adopted 16 months ago), I would LOVE the opportunity to “retreat” for a few days to build personal relationships with the ibloom team and all of its’ members. I would be grateful to be the VIP guest; but will be praying, planning and budgeting so that I can attend this event. Thanx and God Bless!!!

  25. Karen Keyser says:

    THis would be a great opportunity as a never-married woman in full-time ministry to connect with other woman who are dreaming big God dreams for their lives.

  26. I would love to win this Retreat Package because iBloom has been such a huge part of my growth spiritually and personally. The community and team have changed my life. I have honestly found my purpose and passion in ministerying to women because of the iChoose2Love My Life and Equippment Women for Business books. The membership calls have helped nurture me as I nurture others especially when asked, “How can the team pray for me?” Wow!
    I would love the $500 gift certificate because I am planning on bring my husband and boys to KY. We would use that so they could have guy time while I am at the retreat having girl time. Having lunch with Kelly would be so inspirational! The spa and goodies would be awesome too.
    Whether I win or lose, I have gained because of the blessing I have received just being part of the iBloom community.

  27. I would love to be your VIP guest because I have always wanted to come to this retreat, but have never been able to afford to. My youngest is going off to college this fall and, after sixteen years of homeschooling, I am facing having an empty nest. I’m not sure of the direction of my blog or my life, for that matter. I know many of the women who go to the retreat each year, and I would love to actually meet them face-to-face and feel the sense of community that they feel each year. I need some inspiration, guidance, support, and friendship! Thanks so much for offering this giveaway! 🙂

  28. Fingers crossed!! Entry done!! 🙂 To win this would be AMAZING!!!!

  29. What a generous gift-would love to win!

  30. Sounds Like It Would Be LOTS Of Fun & Educational’

  31. I would love to win this fantastic package so I can then pass it to one of my friends from out of town to provide someone else the resources to attend this inspiring event!

  32. What an incredible giveaway! I would love this opportunity as I am just in the beginning stages of building my coaching business and have found the resources from iBloom to be SOOOO helpful!! {Plus a private lunch with Kelly – yes, please!}

  33. I would love to win this VIP retreat because I need to relax, refocus, and help build my business. It would be such an amazing experience – especially the opportunity to connect with other women!

  34. So excited about the retreat! Making plans to gather some friends and enjoy the trip!

    • oops… why I would love to win the contest? Because it would be such an honor to spend some time with these wonderful women, refreshing, renewing and being inspired for the year ahead in 2014. Iron sharpens iron! And who doesn’t love a spa weekend on top of that?!

  35. I find the register link not working at the moment (4/17 10:30 am CST) to complete registration. Will see if I can get over there another way, but wanted to let you know I get a 404 error on the link. Thanks so much for putting together this getaway!

  36. I would love to win this! I think it would be so beneficial and something that I need right now!

  37. Pat Thomas says:

    I would be honored if you choose me to win this amazing getaway!! I really need to have some time away to relax and refocus!! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!

  38. SO excited for this Kelly!

  39. Attending this retreat will be a wonderful opportunity to meet a group of ladies whom have inspired me and taught me for several years. Winning this VIP package would be icing on the cake.

  40. This sounds lovely – thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Well, given the number of comments thus far, this is clearly the place to be in September! I am a newbie blogger that loves God. Simple. Yet Profound. I know nothing about blogging – self taught newbie – that would love to be part of a mutual learning experience that has a higher purpose.

  42. kristen lila says:

    what an awesome opp! would love this opportunity . another “newb” here and would love to network and connect with other like minded and creative women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could use this retreat after having a baby and would love to opp to recharge and refresh! 🙂 (fingers/toes and eyes croseed! lol! )+

  43. What an awesome giveaway!!!

  44. Oh I would love to go to a retreat. I am a missionary-mom of 6, and I have not been to a retreat in many years.

  45. Mary Kate Evans says:

    Can hardly waiting for this event – sure to be God-inspired and facilitated by the awesome Kelly Thorne Gore and the iBloom team! I have invited 3 of my friends from college days to join me 🙂 I haven’t seen 2 of them in 40 years and the 4 of us have talked about a reunion for this summer. What better a place to meet than Lexington, KY September 20th and 21st! <3

  46. Wow, this would be just fantastic! You thought of great ways to pamper and bless. Nicely done!!

  47. I’d love to win the VIP package in order to take full advantage of the incredible learning opportunity. Thanks for the offer and for all ibloom does to equip us personally and professionally.

  48. Laurie Jeron says:

    What a wonderful VIP package. Ibloom is first class all the way. May God continue to pour out an abundance of blessings upon you.

  49. Keri Ritenour says:

    What a great opportunity! I am so in need of spending some time relaxing, being inspired, encouraged and spiritually renewed.

  50. What a blessing this would be:D

  51. I receive so much inspiration from the on,cone iBloom community and love to think about the possibility of that inspiration and motivation IRL

  52. Such an amazing give away. Could so use a get away with some amazing women.

  53. I would love to win this. I need to spend time with amazing women. I currently am trying to build a business from home and pampering is not really a word I understand thoroughly. 😉

  54. Would love the chance to “retreat” and regroup for a few days with you guys! Great giveway!

  55. As a busy SAHM balancing kids, homeschool, two careers, and a disabled husband, I can use all the encouragement and inspiration I can get. What a great giveaway!

  56. I am really looking to take my business to the next level and I am always looking to grow my team with like minded women. What an exciting company you have built! I would love a chance to attend the retreat and take my business to the next level. My youngest is going off to kindergarten next year:( and I chose the business I am in so that I can remain flexible with my three girls and be at all their events. Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity!!

  57. Winning this would be the BEST birthday present ever!! Would LOVE to meet ALL of you!!!

  58. I’d love to see you Ibloom ladies again. It’s been 3 years since the NACWE conference.

  59. Angie Shupe says:

    I would LOVE to win this prize and meet the women I have been talking to online for the last couple of years. I met Kelly last July and that was great!!!!

  60. Melissa H says:

    This would be FABULOUS … the iBloom women are such an inspiration!!!

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