The Many Pieces Of Releasing Your New Freebie

This month {March 2015}, our iBloom Inner Circle members have been working on growing their list. One of the BIG puzzle pieces of growing a list of people that are crazy about what you do and what you offer is creating a freebie that people LOVE!

But, the reality is, there are SO many little pieces that have to come together on the technical side when creating and publishing your freebie. If you have a great VA (Virtual Assistant) you can have them take care of those little pieces for you. But as many of us know, most small business owners who are starting out just don’t have the funds to hire a VA so for many, they need to figure out a way get their freebie up and running on their website. themselves.

Today, I want to share with you a quick overview of some of the pieces you need to put into place before you can get your new freebie into the hands of people who need it.

Here are some important but often overlooked tips:

  • If your freebie is a document, make sure it is saved as a PDF
  • Upload your Freebie to your website {we recommend uploading it through your c-panel}
  • Set-up a new list in your email client {MailChimp, Aweber, etc.}
  • Make sure your welcome email{or Day 0 Auto-responder} is set up with the link to your freebie
  • Have additional follow up Auto-Responders set up.
  • These should offer value and tips that always relate back to what they initially signed-up for.
  • On your website:
    • Make a Squeeze page that includes an opt in form.
      • A squeeze page is a landing page created to solicit email addresses from prospective subscribers/clients
    • Put an opt in form on your sidebar {we recommend it to be at the top right-hand side of the website}.
    • A simple but clear graphic should be used.
    • Make a thank you page that will be shown after someone submits their info so they know what the next step is.

Have you recently offered a new Freebie? If so, share with us a link of your squeeze page below!

Dawn Wilkerson

Dawn Wilkerson has a black belt in client care. She helps the iBloom Team and our customers not only get it together but also remember where we put it. From techie to tedious, whatever your crisis, Dawn specializes in the details and she will help you get it fixed (or find the person who can) so that YOU can get back to work.


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