The #1 Tool Every Woman in Business Must Have

As women in business, there are so many things pulling for our attention. Whether it’s social media posts to create, emails to respond to, trainings to attend, customers to serve, or products to create.  There are so many little things required to run a successful business. It can be exhausting, especially when we don’t have a clear, concise plan to follow. We quickly find ourselves chasing after every bright shiny opportunity in hopes that the next thing will be the “one.”

What if there was a better way that allowed you to accomplish your goals and see the results you want in your life and business? Good news because there is!

The #1 tool every woman in business must have is a Success Strategy!

We believe so strongly in having a Success Strategy that we include it in the iBloom Planner, host a virtual retreat every year to help women create their personal strategy, and have centered our iBloom Inner Circle around helping members stay focused on their strategy every month.

What is a Success Strategy?

A success strategy is a life and business plan for your year. It’s not one of those business plans that you create and tuck away in a drawer never to be seen again. Instead, it’s the tool that you use as you set your monthly, weekly, and even daily goals.

Your success strategy should include your priorities {those things that matter most}, personal life goals, vision for your business, income goals, projects for your business, and an action plan for making all of those things a reality.

This is the tool that will keep you FOCUSED and working toward your life and business goals.

How to Create Your Success Strategy

Here’s a visual to help you see how the Success Strategy encompasses your life and business goals. The first step is to get really clear about your life & business vision for the next year. In other words, on New Year’s Eve when you begin to reflect on the year, what do you want to be celebrating? Once you clearly identify your vision, then everything else builds from there with the goal of making your vision a reality.

Success Strategy {Infographic}

Every year we host a 2-day virtual retreat that walks women through the entire process of creating their Success Strategy. Thankfully there are recordings that you can use to have your own retreat experience as you create your Success Strategy. To access the trainings & downloadable workbook go to: iBloom Virtual Retreat: Create Your Success Strategy

In the iBloom Planner there is a “My Plan” section in the front. This section includes the Success Strategy pages and because it’s in your planner it makes it easy to review your strategy daily. Plus, this section includes places to track the books you want to read, events/trainings you want to participate in, and space for creating your vision board. Everything is in one place, so you can remind yourself daily of the plan you’re working toward.

How to Use Your Success Strategy

Once you’ve created your Success Strategy, then you’ll use it often. Here’s a snapshot of one of the monthly planning pages from the iBloom Planner. You’ll start in the middle of the page as you do a reality check of the past month by reflecting on what’s going well, what’s not going, and what needs to change. Then, using your reality check and your Success Strategy, you’ll identify the projects and goals you’ll be working toward that month. What will make this month a success? What is the next step to work toward in your Success Strategy?

iBloom Planner Monthly Page 2

I personally review my Success Strategy at least weekly during my Business Meeting with God. It’s the perfect opportunity to keep me focused on my goals, so that I’m not distracted by all of the bright shiny distractions and opportunities.

A Success Strategy is the #1 tool that every woman in business must have.

Have a Success Strategy?

YAY! I’m thrilled that you have your Success Strategy. Now it’s time to use it. This is the tool that you’ll use on a regular basis to create your monthly, weekly, and daily goals, so that you stay focused and moving toward your goals. If you’re struggling to stay focused and work your Success Strategy, then you may need some additional accountability and support. We’d love to have you join us in the iBloom Inner Circle. As an annual member, I’ll review your Success Strategy and send you a personal video message with feedback and suggested changes. Then, each month our Inner Circle webinars will keep you focused on making your Success Strategy a reality. To learn more about the Inner Circle, go to

Kelly Thorne Gore


  1. I am thinking of stopping. this is my 2nd time trying to do to sell uppercase living or anything that is and it’s not working, I’ve been in this for the past year and i have sold or booked one party and achieved nothing at all. the 1st 6 months i didn’t really didn’t try hard. but now I’ve been praying, seeking , knocking and asking people to book, even and online party would be OK but no takers maybe i just need some more encouragement. i remember the story in the bible about the disciples fished all day and caught and Jesus told them to go to the SPOT. and drop down your nets and there was a wind fall of fish so many that the boat started to sink, well i have ask God for that bounty. should i stay. or am i giving up to soon?

  2. Vanessa, I saw your post and what prompted me to reach out to you is that you use the words “stopping” “trying” “try” “no” – these are negative thoughts, so maybe you need to reset your mind and take a hard look at your business. Then have a talk with yourself…ask yourself 1. Is your heart into what your are doing, 2. What is it that truly makes you happy when you think of a business? 3. What is it about this particular business caught your eye? Sometimes we have to try things to find our passion, so look at this as a stepping stone. You need to take to your uplink to get the education and the support and if they cannot give it to you then reach out to someone else in the company. If your heart really wants it you will make it work, but don’t be afraid to say hey….this was not for me and look to the next venture. I went through many before I found what I was passionate about. So, it’s ok to say…this did not work, but what did I learn from this experience.


      This business is about elegant vinyl lettering. and what caught my eye with this business? was I LOVE THE WORD OF GOD ON MY WALLS! now i just retired Dec. 31 and i am new to this arena.yea i had to ask God for forgiveness. but i also got this to supplement my income. and yes i’m sorry but i felt i was not where i need to be, but now i feel like i’m getting back on track, but thank you for being there for me. and reaching out to me. THANK YOU.

    • i Will be working with ibloom website for a while. Thank you again.


    I Will get more in to IBLOOM WEB SITE MORE!!!

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