Starting the iChoose2 Love My Life Journey

Have you started your iChoose2 Love My Life one-year journey?  I am SO excited about our one-year journey together!  Our mission at iBloom is to inspire and empower every woman in the world to live a life she truly loves.  So, it’s been so exciting to see that dream come to fruition as women (and men) from around the world go through the iChoose2 Love My Life journey.

My husband and I started the journey earlier this week and we are doing it together.  We each spent time reading and answering the questions and then discussing our responses. This is a journey that I highly recommend you do in community with others- whether it is with your spouse, a small group, or as an iBloom member.

As we discussed our entries in the journal, my husband and I found that we had many similar responses.

To give you a little background, we’ve gone through several major life transitions in the last 13 months: we got married, I got pregnant, I had horrific morning sickness, my Dad died after a battle with terminal cancer, I wrote and published 2 books, and we had our first child.  Needless to say, life has been a bit of a whirlwind for us this past year!

So, we both agreed that 2012 needed to be laser focused on investing in our relationship with God, investing in ourselves individually (developing a healthy and active lifestyle), investing in our relationship as a couple, investing in others, and making our home a haven.

As a life coach, I know that these things don’t just happen.  In order to make these goals a reality in our life, we have to be intentional about how we invest our time, energy, focus, and resources.  So, here’s how we’re choosing to be intentional…


  • We have a set time that we workout each day.
  • We eat a healthy dinner together (at the table) just about every night.
  • We cancelled our cable and vowed to not watch TV (except an occasional movie) until at least August.
  • Beginning at 8PM each night we are eliminating distractions like the phone, internet, computer, etc. and really focus on our family time.  We aren’t being legalistic about it, as there are definitely exceptions like my late work nights or Jon’s music night.  We’re just being very intentional about how we’re investing our limited time.
  • We’re reading through the Chronological Bible together each night.  My husband is very analytical and loves in depth discussion, so this has been so great for creating meaningful conversation between us.
  • We go to bed with a clean house.  Each night we spend a little time cleaning the kitchen, picking up, wiping down the bathroom, etc.
  • We have a weekly date night, while Sophie enjoys time with Grandma and Aunt Sherry!  We went through the community calendar and found fun, low-cost activities that we could do.
  • We’re being intentional about investing deeply into specific relationships.
  • We’re committed to doing whatever we can to assist with the launch of our church’s new campus in Richmond, KY.

Earlier this week, I challenged you to share what you’ll be celebrating on December 31, 2012.  Well, it’s now time to begin thinking about what adjustments you need to make in order to make that dream a reality.  Your dream will require some work, but you can do it!

How are you going to be intentional about making your dream a reality?  We’ll talk more about living intentionally next week, but for now leave a comment below to share how you’ll make your 2012 dream a reality.

Kelly Thorne Gore


  1. I love this post! You and Jon challenge and inspire me to be a better person!
    Thanks for all the great ideas. When the Girls were living at home we had nightly 10-minute pick up parties and Sunday night 30-minute parties! It’s amazing how organized the house is when everyone just puts their stuff away!
    I am SO blessed to be on this journey with you!

  2. You and Lori have given me some great ideas of how my husband and I can work together more in keeping up with our home as well as date nights. This is a fabulous site. I do wish I would have found it earlier, because I really have wanted 2012 to be a change for me and my husband.
    1. I will be reading these post to catch up and hope my book comes in quickly. ( :
    2. Try the 10 min. clean up each night and 30 min. Sunday
    3. Have a bible study time with my husband.
    4. Invest some time each day with spending time with the Lord
    5. Spending 30 min. a day in physical activity
    6. Learn to enjoy preparing a meal for my husband and I each day.

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