Money Savings Strategy Seminar

Every time we do a survey at iBloom, we see that over 70% of women are struggling financially.  We know this is a problem for many, so we decided that something had to be done.

Many people think if they had MORE money, then it would fix their financial problems.  Those who win the lottery actually show us differently.  Did you know that 70% of people who win the lottery actually waste away their winnings within just a few years?  “Statistics show that lottery winners often go bankrupt, get divorced, and have family feuds.”  So, for most people the amount of money is actually pretty insignificant.

The real issue is learning to manage the money God has blessed us with in this season!

And, we want to help YOU do just that!

We’ve invited Tammy Lanham to share her Money Savings Strategy Seminar with us!

Tammy is a homeschooling mom to two children, a minister’s wife and a full time professional photographer. She has developed a couponing and money saving strategy that consistently saves her family of four 50% to 99% in groceries each week. And it’s easy to follow and implement.

In this 2-hour session, you will discover…

  • How to make a meal plan (even if you have special dietary needs)
  • How to develop a grocery list from those meal plans
  • How to stockpile on groceries and household necessities
  • How to make your own laundry detergent for pennies per gallon
  • How to correctly use coupons combined with sales to get tons of items FREE!
  • Where to get those coupons
  • How to shop the “loss leaders” and get out alive
  • How to save your family 50% – 99% on groceries each week
  • How to give to your church or charity like never before
  • How to keep your grocery budget under $100 per week (including household goods & everything you can buy at Wal-Mart for a family of 4

Audio Download & Handout: $10.00


Kelly Thorne Gore


  1. Anna Drury says:

    I want to attend. I just don’t have the extra money today. Hope you do this event again. Thank you for the invite.

  2. Hi,

    I am going to a prayer meeting this morning and unable to listen to the message. Is it available for download? If so, how. I will wait for your response. Thanks

  3. Will you be sending out a link to download the audio or is there somewhere we need to go to listen to it? Thanks.

  4. Would love to Ur story touched me. Not sure how to pay I have never done this before . I don’t have the extra money but can’t afford not to would love to tell me how to pay you for all your hard work and love u have put into this program.

  5. Margaret says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Sorry, I missed it. Are you going to do it again? Is it possible to have it gifted to me? I could really use it during these financially difficult times. Be Blessed!

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