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Welcome to Week #30 of our iChoose2 Love My Life: one-year journey toward living a life you love!

This week we’re choosing to save. Your Week #30 video is below. After you watch the video, please leave a comment below your favorite money saving tip.

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And, here’s the link to the homemade laundry detergent recipe mentioned in the video.

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Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. I love hearing TIPS about anything!! And these were great tips about saving! You’re right! We must be intentional about saving! I have found a way to help me save for those extras that are important to me – maybe they aren’t necessities but they are important to me. So I have an envelope for clothes, travel, and flowers. I put money in those envelopes that I get for gifts, garage/thrift store sales, saved from food budget, and any other places that I can glean it from. It adds up over time. Maybe it’s silly..but I feel so good when I can buy an outfit from my clothes saving envelope! I used to do this for Christmas gifts too – I’d save up all year then it wasn’t such a big hit at Christmas time and I could pay with cash!!!

  2. Kristi Robinson says:

    Hey Kelly,
    You mentioned a link in the video, that it would be posted “below”. Where do I find the links? Also, thank you for all that you do! I think that life-coaching is such an important thing! I am trying to get a non-profit organization started in our community for people to come in and get financial counseling for free! I think that life coaching is a HUGE part of that, and iBloom has really inspired me! Thank you !!!!!

  3. I try to avoid shopping when I don’t need to buy things because if I go to the mall or Target, I will often end up purchasing something I didn’t even know I needed (and likely didn’t need at all). When I do go shopping, I make a list of what I need and only look for those things. Having a list helps me with grocery shopping too. It controls impulse purchases. Thanks for all the great tips Lori and Kelly!

  4. Loved the video, ladies! My tip actually comes from my husband who is the world’s best “saver.” With our bank you can set up “name it” accounts. A few years back he set up an account for college, weddings, eyeglasses, car maintenance, home repair, etc., and each month (we are paid monthly) he would cross over a % of our check into those accounts to save for those items. It takes a bit of time to get each one up and running but what a pleasure it was to hand him a bill from my daughter’s wedding and the money was there. No arguments, no rants…just a blessed time of planning, preparing and then enjoying the wedding.

  5. I started using Kelly’s laundry detergent recipe last year and I love it! I would also like to add my tip about grocery shopping. I plan my menus AFTER I see what is on sale at the grocery – especially the meat.

  6. Thank you for another great video!! 🙂 I’ve been saving money by making DIY laundry detergent, fabric softener, chocolate syrup, jewelry cleaner etc. The chocolate syrup has been a BIG hit with my girls this Summer!! They are all super easy to make and cost WAY less than if you purchased these products already made!! I’m pretty sure all of the recipes I use came from the Money Saving Queen’s website. I get her daily emails and she always has great DIY and Frugal Living ideas.

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