Featured iBloom Member – Rene Owens

Rene Owens from Abilene, Texas

Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher and Independent Artist for Piggies and Paws, Inc.

My Interests: I love teaching whether at school or at church.  I enjoy being creative by scrapbooking and embellishing Piggies and Paws prints.  When it is not so HOT I enjoy flower gardening and being outside in God’s creation.  I love foster care and adoption.  It has been amazing over the last 5 years to see how God works all things together for good in the lives of the babies that I have fostered.

Something Interesting About Me: I will be leaving on Saturday, June 25th for Ghana, Africa until Wednesday, July 6th.  This will be my first foreign mission trip besides one to Mexico when I was in high school.  I will be going with my dad and another couple from my parent’s church.  We will be sharing the gospel in a village of about 30,000 people.  I have always wanted to go with my dad since he started going to Africa three years ago.  Thankfully they arranged the trip during the summer so that I will not have to miss school.  I am grateful for God’s blessings through Piggies and Paws this year to financially be able to go!

Something I’ve learned from being an iBloom Member: I enjoy listening to the monthly membership calls, chatting on Facebook, and actually getting to meet three of the iBloom team members in the spring.  The one thing that sticks out to be about the iBloom team is how upbeat and positive they all are even in the face of trials.  It makes me look at my life and see the cup half full instead of half empty.  I have enjoyed applying many of the organizing tips and money tips from the first two membership calls.

Something I like about being an iBloom Member: I like being able to have a community of fellow believers that are uplifting and are ready to learn!  None of us are perfect but we can learn from each other and support one another through the hard times and good times.

About my Family: I am single but have an amazing mom and dad who are both retired.  My mom works in my classroom with me almost every day until lunch.  I have one older brother who is married with 2 beautiful girls.  I attend the same church as my brother’s family and enjoy getting to praise the Lord with my nieces and watch them grow up to be great Christian young ladies.  We are a very close family that loves to be together and help each other out!

A Challenge I’m Facing Right Now: I am struggling with God’s plan for a family of my own.  I was engaged three years ago but called it off a month before the wedding because it was not right.  I have dated since then but have not found the one that God wants me to marry.  Waiting on God’s timing is tough but I am trying to serve Him faithfully each and every day.  I know that this time that I have right now as a single does not need to go to waste.  I have time to go on mission trips that I might not be able to go on if I was married and I have the awesome privilege of being a foster mom at least twice a year to newborns until they are adopted.  I just need prayers to walk in God’s presence and peace each and every day and that He will provide exactly what I need when I need it!  I don’t want to be married just to be married.  I am very happy right now but have always wanted a family of my own.

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