I have some GREAT news for you!! I mean REALLY great news!! This is particularly refreshing news after being weighed down by depressing TV news and circumstances and people around us. Ready? You can be POWERFUL through unfavorable circumstances!!! YES! You can THRIVE not merely survive!Are you exhausted or overwhelmed?Do the pieces of your life need some de-cluttering, sorting through, and recalibrating so you can experience joy through all circumstances?Do you feel like the days, months, years are slipping away and you WANT to make your life count – REALLY COUNT – for something? If you are ready to stop letting life slip by and live a life of passion, balance, purpose, and fulfillment, it’s time for you to THRIVE!!iThrive is a 12-month … [Read more...]

Add a Little Joy!

I can get caught up in writing the perfect blog entry or even fb post!  Then I thought, I just want to share my favorite word…JOY!  I mean, seriously, you can’t say it without a smile forming on your lips!  One of my favorite quotes is, “Joy is the feeling of grinning on the inside.” Melba ColgroveThis has been my fav word for many years now, so of course, I’ve collected all kinds of “joy items” that sit, hang, and decorate my home.   But, I don’t just want to collect things with the word “joy” on it; I want to live out my joy and to pass it on to others.Joy is often confused with happiness, which is based on circumstances.  We all know our circumstances change daily and so does our happiness!  I am happier on a good hair day!  But, … [Read more...]

iThrive Membership Giveaway

I am SO excited to announce a special giveaway just for YOU! iBloom has recently launched a new coaching program that is receiving amazing reviews. iThrive is a proven, life-changing method where you’ll evaluate where you are today, where you hope to be, and then create an action plan to start living the life you were created for. We are helping women move beyond the mundane and live a life they love! YOU can live a life YOU love!iThrive offers a self-study coaching program or a group coaching program where you can journey with other women from around the world. A new coaching group will begin on Tuesday, April 27th from Noon-1pm EST. Visit to learn more about iThrive. So, we have a special offer … [Read more...]

Who do you want to become?

Our Blog Talk Radio show this week discussed the question, “Who do you want to become?” You can listen to our radio show online from Noon to 1 PM EST each Monday by going to CWA or you can listen to the recording after the show on our iBloom website.Here is the recording from today’s show you ever really pondered who you want to become?Recommended Resource: The Next Generation Leader: 5 Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future by Andy Stanley.I highly recommend this book! The final chapter of the book, “The Leader Worth Following” is dedicated to inspiring leaders to invest in the health of their soul. Andy says, “Have you determined what you want … [Read more...]

What's Stopping You From Living the Life You Love? by Betsy Ringer

Our Blog Talk Radio show this week answered the question, “What’s stopping you from living a life you love?” You can listen to our radio show online from noon to 1 PM each Monday by going to CWA or you can listen to the recording after the show on our iBloom website. Here is the recording from today’s show CLICK HERE We had some great tools from today’s show that I’d like to share with you.First of all, we talked about major life situations where we were completely stopped from living the life we loved. Then we listed some “daily stoppers” that hinder us from living life to the fullest. Some of the things on our list included:1. Grumbling rather than being grateful 2. Reacting to your day rather than being proactive. 3. Taking on too much … [Read more...]