New Facebook Rules Will HELP Entrepreneurs!

Have you heard? Facebook is making some BIG changes again! And even though there is so much “noise” on the platform about this upcoming change, I have to be honest….I think it’s a GREAT change and a much needed change.

After conducting a recent study, Facebook found that People wanted to see more stories from friends and Pages they care about, and less promotional content.” Basically, people are seeing too many promotional posts in their newsfeed and they are sick of it. Come January 2015, Facebook has stated that overly promotional posts on Facebook pages will get less organic reach.

So, what makes a post too promotional? According to Facebook, promotional posts are:

  • Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  • Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  • Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

Facebook shared a couple of examples of posts that fall into the above categories:


Tiger TherapyBunny Puzzle Cube

I recently read an article whose headline was, “New Facebook Rules Will Sting Entrepreneurs.” But honestly, I have to disagree with that statement. Instead, this new rule will require businesses of all sizes to:

  • To get creative
  • To know their ideal client inside and out
  • To know and develop their voice
  • To really listen to what their ideal client is saying
  • To research
  • To think differently

 So, what can the business owner do in order to succeed on Facebook?

  1. Share content that is value based! This is going to require that you know your ideal client very well. Gone are the days where you could just promotional post after promotional post. People are sick of it. People want community. They want value. Once they see the value and once they feel as though they are a part of the community, they will buy. The key here is to think like your ideal client first and always. Stop thinking like a marketer but instead, think like your clients.
  2. Get people on your list! Social media is like rented land. It can go away at any time (even though I don’t believe Facebook is leaving us anytime soon). You have to bring people over to your website, your home. Facebook cannot be your website. Build your list, which will allow you to keep in contact with those who are most interested in what you have to offer.
  3. Be relevant! If you are going to offer a contest/sweepstakes, it has to have value to it. No longer can you require people to like your page in order to enter your contest and no longer will you be able to promote a contest/sweepstakes that has nothing to do with your business. It has to be relevant. There has to be value to it.
  4. Get creative! Get creative with your words. Get creative with your storytelling. How can you draw people in? How can you get them to want more? You have to be creative. No longer can you just push out a message that says, “Buy Today and receive 20% off your order!” Instead, you have to find ways to still share that message, but via a story that doesn’t sell!

I LOVE this video from WestJet! They got creative! They shared a story! They didn’t sell! They chose to #BeDifferent! And because of this, they created an awareness of who they are and what they offer and guess what? People will remember!

Even with these changes, there is still a place for Facebook pages. I see SO many business owners stating that they are giving up on Facebook because of the changes. But the reality is, if you give up on Facebook, you will miss out!

“Pages still matter — a lot. They offer a free, easy-to-maintain online presence for people to discover and learn about a business. They work across desktop, mobile and tablets without requiring any extra configuration, and contain complete information about a business. They also offer tools to create videos, photos and events that bring a business’ story to life.

What many businesses may not realize is that Pages are an important destination for their current and potential customers. In October, for instance, nearly a billion people visited Facebook Pages. Of those visits, more than 750 million happened on mobile devices. Many businesses also use Pages as a customer service channel. Businesses should think about their Page as a cornerstone of their online identity, not simply as a publishing service. The businesses that are doing this well understand the discovery and communication that happens when people come to their Page.” ~Facebook

The hard-core truth is this: You just can’t sell all day! You just can’t post irrelevant posts that get lots of clicks, likes and shares. You have to get creative. You have to know your ideal client. You have to know your voice. You have to bring value. You have to listen.

Business is all about change. You can either roll with the changes and succeed, or you can get mad, stop using Facebook and miss out on a HUGE audience that is no doubt looking for what you have.

The business owners that reevaluate and create a new strategy are the ones that will see the fruit of their labor. This is just how the business world runs. And these changes will help you out in tremendous ways! You will build a community of people who are truly interested in you and your business. Not just people who are trying to get a great free deal from you! Instead, you will build a community of people who see the value in what you have to offer!

Share with me below, what are you thoughts around these upcoming changes?





Jen Bennett

Dr. Jen Bennett is the Social Media/Communication Specialist and Project Manager at iBloom. Jen’s passion is helping businesses, ministries and individuals, #BeWorthFollowing. Jen enjoys speaking, training, and writing on all things that inspire and help leaders build a digital footprint and personal brand that is different and that helps them stand out and influence people in a crowded and noisy social media world.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said we need to get creative. I think that’s the case with any social media. You have to change it up and always work at adding value to your readers. If our readers feel like we are adding value to their lives than they will keep coming back.

    • Thank you so much Victoria for sharing. No doubt that when it comes to social media, you have to be willing to change things up and look for ways to bring value to your readers. It makes all the difference!

  2. I completely agree and I look forward to seeing creativity on my news feed!

  3. I appreciate the positive spin on the changes especially in light of the overwhelming amount of negative thoughts out there. Thanks for encouraging us to get creative and keep our content targeted towards our ideal client!

    • You’re welcome Marvae! I really do believe that we see the good in even the changes that require us to stretch beyond our comfort zones. Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Thanks, Jen, as always for keeping us informed as to what is happening and keeping us positive about how it’s good for business. I think it’s fun to be creative and looking forward to finding ways to grow my business by sticking with it and looking at it in a positive light! You’re awesome at what you do.

    • Awww…thanks so much Sue! So appreciate you! I love how you are looking forward to finding ways to grow your business by sticking with it and looking at it in a positive light! Honestly, that outlook makes all the difference 🙂

  5. I have to agree. This is going to make people think about their business and connecting to people, hint “social” media. Can’t wait to see how it plays out and seeing more from you on this topic. Thankx for the post!

    • You are absolutely right Robin. This change will cause people to think a bit deeper when it comes to their business. It’s really going to require that people post things of value and in turn, really get to know their ideal client 🙂

  6. Jen I’ve been reading every tidbit I see on the upcoming changes and I’m excited not fearful in the least! It’s a perfect segue to getting users geared toward being more social and less salesy (not a real word but you know what I mean). Here’s to building online relationships both personally and in business.

    • LOVE that Kim! It is an exciting time! What a great start to the new year to think through on how we can better reach our clients and provide them with the value they want and need! Thanks for sharing!

  7. On point! This lines up with an ITI lecture on Macro Trends we just heard last night with Parlore. For a fairly new retailer like us, the trick is honing who is our client and what are their interests. Cheers to 2015!

    • Exactly Jill! Knowing who your client is so very important to the success people can experience on social media. Once you have a great understanding of them, you can really reach them in ways that will help you grow a thriving community of people who are all about what you have to offer! Excited for you!

  8. Yes. It would be great to see brands improving their story telling, as this is a great way to connect with the audience. Creativity that was slumbering, will slowly be roused awake if entrepreneurs want to take over.

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