Need a little clutter rehab?

Last month during our iBloom Membership Group Coaching Call, we talked about spring cleaning and getting organized.  We had an AMAZING line-up of guests, including the Org Junkie herself, Laura Whittman from & author of “Clutter Rehab: 101 Tips & Tricks to Become an Organization Junkie and Love it“.  I know that many of our iBloom Members, including myself, walked away from the coaching session ready to get and stay organized.

I’ve spent the last few weeks creating a list of home organizing projects that I’m determined to tackle this summer.  My first project is definitely our medicine cabinet that has gotten completely out of control.  It’s the easiest project on my list, but also the most annoying to me at the moment.  During the membership call, our guests shared so many FABULOUS organizing tips that I can’t wait to implement.  Just to give you an example, Laura shared about her PROCESS for organizing.  This will definitely be the method I use tonight when I tackle our medicine cabinet!  If you missed our iBloom Membership Call – “Spring is HERE – Let’s Get Organized”, then you can still access the MP3 (audio download) and the “Get Organized” Coaching Action Plan by becoming an iBloom Member today.  For more information and to become a member, click here.

SPECIAL GIVEAWAY for iBloom Members: On Friday, May 13th we’ll have a random drawing for ONE lucky iBloom Member to receive a complimentary copy of Laura’s “Clutter Rehab: 101 Tips & Tricks to Become an Organization Junkie and Love it.”  So, if you’re considering becoming an iBloom Member – now is the perfect time!

Question of the Day: What organizing projects are you determined to tackle this summer?

Kelly Thorne Gore


  1. Laura’s tips on laundry were life changing! And Vickie, Jen, and Faith had such great suggestions for home and life management! Such a great call!

  2. I have big hopes this summer to go through the entire house and DE-CLUTTER! My three kids are grown and i no longer need the water coolers used for soccer or the dress up clothes for Tacky Tuesdays or the puzzle pieces I’ve saved thinking we’d find the puzzle they belong to! It’s time to really really REALLY get rid of things and lighten my load!!

  3. Good morning ladies, I find this topic very intriguing as I am a professional organizer in Columbus, Ohio. My passion and goal is to help individuals lead an organized lifestyle and to help them be free of clutter and disorganization. I teach them how to conduct their homes and lives according to God’s biblical principles. The bible is chocked full of verses on possessing possessions or possessions possessing us. My job entails creating an environment where God can dwell, one free of clutter and disorganization. He cannot dwell in clutter and chaos and neither can we as human beings. My job is to help them create this environment. We do not realize how clutter and disorganization can affect our lives in such a harmful way until someone calls it to our attention. Organization is not just about stuff, but about what holds us hostage in our lives, and possessions can do that. Well, I could go on but let me stop there. If you wish to contact me or ask me further questions contact me at 614-785-9047 or email at Thank you for allowing me to share. Karen Augustine

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