Do you need more money?

What word best describes your feelings toward your current financial situation?

Depressed?  Anxious?  Grateful?  Worried?  Frustrated?  Blessed?  Exhausted?  Joyful?

I met with a precious young woman this week who would say she is terrified.  She’s recently experienced incredible hardships.  She’s a single Mom to three amazing kiddos and she has no idea how she’s going to make ends meet.  She has a very low paying job, but she shows up every day eager to be the best employee you can.

Maybe you can relate.  Or, if you can’t personally relate, then I’m sure you know someone who can.

Every time we do a survey at iBloom, we see that over 70% of women are struggling financially.  We know this is a problem for many, so we decided that something had to be done.

Many people think if they had MORE money, then it would fix their financial problems.  Those who win the lottery actually show us differently.  Did you know that 70% of people who win the lottery actually waste away their winnings within just a few years?  “Statistics show that lottery winners often go bankrupt, get divorced, and have family feuds.”  So, for most people the amount of money is actually pretty insignificant.

The real issue is learning to manage the money God has blessed us with in this season!

And, we want to help YOU do just that!

Tomorrow (Saturday, February 25th from 10am-Noon EST), we’re hosting a seminar that will help you learn to be a great steward of the resources God has given you.  During this online seminar, you’ll discover:

  • How to make a meal plan (even if you have special dietary needs)
  • How to develop a grocery list from those meal plans
  • How to stockpile on groceries and household necessities
  • How to make your own laundry detergent for pennies per gallon
  • How to correctly use coupons combined with sales to get tons of items FREE!
  • Where to get those coupons
  • How to save your family 50% – 99% on groceries each week
  • How to give to your church or charity like never before
  • How to keep your grocery budget under $100 per week (including household goods & everything you can buy at Wal-Mart for a family of 4)

If you’re struggling financially or just want to learn how to spend less, then this is your opportunity.

I know you may be thinking, I already have plans for tomorrow, so I can’t attend.  Well, we’ve taken care of that challenge too.  Every registered attendee will receive the audio download after the session.  So, you’ll get the material, even if you can’t be there LIVE.  And, the audio download will be a great tool for you to re-listen to the material over and over, as needed.

Or, maybe you know someone who desperately needs this information. Bless them with a ticket to the event.

This 2-hour seminar is just a $10 investment.  If you can’t afford the $10 investment, but really want this training, let me know  because I’d love to gift it to you!

I know that from my own personal experience that I’m SO grateful that my husband and I are learning to manage our money well.  Instead of spending money on frivolous things that don’t really matter, we choose to put money in our personal giving fund each month.  Then, we watch with anticipation who God will allow us to bless.  Personally, I don’t ever want to live my life the way I used to.  I can’t wait to learn Tammy’s money saving strategies because the more we save, the more money we get to funnel into our giving fund.  Now, that gets me really excited.

To sign up for this 2-hour money saving seminar, go to now.

I’m SO grateful for you!  This seminar is for YOU!  I hope to “see” you there.



P.S – You know that that precious young woman that I told you about.  Well, if you’ve ever purchased something from iBloom, then YOU made a HUGE difference in her life this week.  As you know, we donate 10% of our profits to our iHope fund.  iHope allows us to bless those in need and support ministries that are near and dear to our hearts.  So, because YOU invested in something from iBloom (or Empowering Coaches), she doesn’t have to worry about how she’s going to pay her bills this month.  And, of course, she’ll be receiving the audio download of this training, so she can further learn to manage the money God is blessing her with right now.  YOU are making a difference!

Kelly Thorne Gore

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