God is still in the miracle business!

Since I was 12-years old, I’ve had LOTS of complications with my female organs. I’ll save you the graphic details, but it was very bad at times! Several doctors encouraged me to have a hysterectomy. But, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I knew that part of my life purpose was to be a wife and mom.  So, each year during my annual appointment, my doctor would remind me that it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant. But, then he’d always add, “But, God can definitely perform a miracle!” And, each year, I would leave his office with tears in my eyes, but with great peace knowing that God had a plan!

During those 16 years of waiting my definition of being a mom changed. I came to the place that if God didn’t bless me with biological children, then I could still be a mom to foster and/or adopted children. I was at peace knowing that God’s plan was perfect. That He had my best interest in mind. And, that He alone was in control of every itty bitty detail.

Well, God is most definitely still in the miracle business!

Because, on December 18th, 2010, after many years of waiting, praying, and preparing to be a wife, I married my amazing husband- Jon Gore! And, today we’re expecting a Baby Gore on 09/28! For those of you doing the math, that means we got pregnant just days after the wedding! Only God could perform such an incredible miracle.

Have you been asking, waiting, and preparing for something (or someone)? If so, don’t give up hope! God is still in the miracle business!

Keep asking.

Keep believing.

Keep trusting in God’s perfect plan (and timing) for your life! I promise you that He has your best interest in mind. YOU are the apple of His eye! He is in control of every itty bitty detail. Trust Him to lead every facet of your life!

Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. I love this Kelly, I have chill bumps and it isn’t because it’s cold here. But GOD!

    Amazing testimony of faith and trust. Love the new look of the iBloom site here too. Can’t wait to “meet” you in April at the Inspired Women Event.

  2. Cindie Thomas says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Congratulations to you and Jon. God is still in the miracle making business and I am always in awe of what He can and will do when we have faith. Our daughter-in-law was also told that she would never get pregnant…had lots of infertility stuff done and then after the Pastor of their church prayed over them she did indeed conceive.

    So very happy that your little peanut will be one of His miracles. Love you.

  3. YAY!!! So thrilled for you and excited to see how God is going to use this part of your story to bring honor to him!

  4. Kelly I’m so happy for you and jon and I remembered the night you left GA camp because you wasnt feeling good and I mentioned ehat u said about not being able to get pregnant and than after reading that’s I realized you had said this before it had truly a miracle you’ll be a great mom you and your family always took good care of me and mindy I LOVE U oh so very much

    • Jessie….we loved the time we spent with you and Mindy! My only regret it that we didn’t just move you in the house. We love you both oh so very much, too.

  5. Sandy Myers says:

    God is amazing!! Thank you for sharing your story, Kelly.

  6. That is so amazing! I’m so happy for you! I’m still believing for my big miracle with my healing so this is very encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Erin Simpson says:

    Yay! So extremely excited for you and Jon! You have such an amazing and inspiring story. Thank you so much for sharing! Super excited to see all the amazing things God is going to do through this new addition to your life!

  8. yeah i know maybe than we wouldnt have got put in foster care but everything happens for a reasson!! love you and miss you all alot! we are gonna have to meet up one day but i like maybe 2 1/2 hours from lexington

  9. Congratulations!!! My doctor said the same exact thing, he even encouraged me to have children pray for me, and I did. We have 2 children and when people ask what did I do…I believed God. I praise Him reading this post. May He continue to bless your marriage!

  10. What an amazing God! Your story is certainly one of hope! Though I have not given up hope for biological children, the thought is a bit scary for me now! Baby Joys & Bountiful Blessings!

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