Managing Yourself: Creating a Social Media System That Works For You!

Managing Yourself

Social media can get quite overwhelming, can’t it? One minute you think you have it all figured out, and then all of a sudden, another “Guru” is telling you why you must be on such and such platform. Not only are they telling you why you MUST be on that platform, but they also keep “announcing” all the money they are making off of that platform.

Before you know it, you’ve just spent another $200 on a training that you’ll never get to. And I don’t know about you, but I get kind of sick of hearing that same message from MULTIPLE “gurus” on a daily basis.

But here’s the good news: You don’t have to be like anyone else. Creating a Successful Social Media presence is all about doing what works for you. It’s all about being true to who you are; not what everyone else is telling you to do.

How do I know this? Because I was that business owner who was “listening” to what all the gurus had to say, spending way too much money, and soon realizing that I was more stressed than ever. Not only was I stressed about what I felt that I “should be” doing according to the gurus, but I was stressed in that I would never finish the trainings that I had just spent hundreds of dollars on.

Maybe you can relate.

Today, I want you to experience some freedom when it comes to your social media presence. Instead of getting caught-up in what everyone else is doing, I want you to think through some very KEY questions that will help YOU create a social media system that works for you and your lifestyle; a social media system that works for this season of your life and the priorities that you have.

  • What social media platforms do you feel the most comfortable with? What 1-3 platforms are your favorites? Don’t feel like you have to be on EVERY platform. Get active on the ones you love!
  • What 1-3 platforms is your target audience on? When you know what 1-3 platforms your target audience is on, compare those with your favorite 1-3 platforms. Is there an overlap? If so, focus on those platforms. Not only are you giving your time to your favorite platform(s), but you are also getting active on the ones that your target audience is on.
  • Set aside a weekly social media day. This is my BEST recommendation. For example, every Wednesday is considered my social media day. On Wednesdays, I set aside the entire day to write copy and create graphics for the iBloom social media platforms for the following week. Doing this on a weekly basis has not only allowed me to create better content and better graphics, but it has given me more time on a daily basis to focus on other tasks.
  • Set aside a daily time to “check” on your platforms and engage. Even though you will set-aside one day a week to create content for your platforms, don’t forget that you need to set-aside time on a daily basis to engage with those who are responding to your posts. I would schedule time in the morning, afternoon and early evening to look through your platforms and engage. I would give each time slot no more than 15-minutes.
  • Analyze how many posts a day works best for you. There are MANY thoughts out there when it comes to how many times a day you should be posting. My advice? See what works for you. At iBloom, we used to post 8x a day, sometimes even more. We soon realized that posting 3x-4x a day brought in a higher reach and better engagement. And with that, better content was being produced because I didn’t have to come up with 8+ posts a day.
  • Be true to YOU! There is no better way to get people engaged than by sharing you! Share your stories. Share your experiences. Share your struggles. Share your highs. Share your lows. Ask questions. The key to social media success is to #BeDifferent.

Don’t let social media get the best of you! Instead, get social media to work for you!

Share with me below: What’s your BIGGEST headache when it comes to social media?


Jen Bennett

Dr. Jen Bennett is the Inspirational Communication Specialist and Project Manager at iBloom. Jen’s passion is helping businesses, ministries and individuals, #BeWorthFollowing. Jen enjoys speaking, training, and writing on all things that inspire and help leaders build a digital footprint and personal brand that is different and that helps them stand out and influence people in a crowded and noisy social media world.


  1. Whew, I needed these tips!

  2. Biggest headache? Time. But scheduling the way you suggested should help. Second biggest headache? Making graphics. Again, a great suggestion from you to have a social media day. Thanks!

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