iChoose2 Make My Home a Haven

Welcome to Week #40 of our iChoose2 Love My Life: one-year journey toward living a life you love!

This week’s these is iChoose2 Make My Home a Haven. Your Week #40 video is below. After you watch the video, please leave a comment below describing the haven you’d like to create in our home.

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Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. Hi Kelly!! Love the different location for the video!! 🙂 I strive to keep my home as peaceful and calming as possible. As a Mom of 2 pre-teen girls, that can be QUITE a challenge!! 🙂 I like to have my home neat and orderly. I realize there is no such thing as “perfect” so if I miss a spot when dusting/cleaning I don’t stress over it! Life is too short to do that. Have a great week! HUGS

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