Make Your Schedule Work For You!

In our iBloom Inner Circle, members have the opportunity to ask questions. Recently, a question was asked about how to tweak your schedule to accommodate a chronic illness. It turns out, many people deal with this whether for themselves or a family member. It may be a chronic illness or a short-term situation, but they are seeking ways to deal with this while moving their business forward.

Here are some tips for tackling life’s unexpected situations:

  • Organization is key! Have things written out in black and white, so you can easily accomplish tasks or delegate to others.
  • Work on a rolling list instead of a timed schedule. I would list out what I would typically have on my ideal schedule {for me it is workout, quiet time, FIRE time, email, FB groups, projects, 1:1 coaching, kiddos, wrap up, me time, dinner & clean up, family time, etc} Instead of listing this in conjunction with a specific time table, I would have blocks of time that I can work through tasks when my illness allows.
  • Take your To-Do list and brake it up into the same categories so whenever you can “work” you just go to the next item on that category. This will keep you from wasting valuable time figuring out your next step.

My friend and teammate Lori Burrell has experienced this and gives these suggestions.

I’ve suffered with migraines for over 28 years and while they are some better, they still crop up and I definitely don’t have them scheduled in my planner! I create my weekly and monthly schedule in blocks of time. I list my tasks on separate post-it’s such as: “blog writing”, “answering prayer concerns”, “preparing for client sessions” and give each of these post-it’s a time frame – how long it will take to complete the task. I do this for everything I need to do in the upcoming week and add in monthly tasks. So, if Tuesday is a good day, I may work through several of my post-it’s which is great because I may be in bed Thursday and Friday….does that make sense? Of course, I have scheduled Team Meetings, Coaching Sessions and other things that must happen. But, I have found that if I do need to cancel, everyone is very understanding. I just try not to cancel often. So, my schedule looks different from that of many of my teammates who actually have their working time totally scheduled in specific time slots. Mine is task or project oriented and then I must be very productive on my good days.

Have you experienced a chronic illness or other situation that has kept you from sticking with your Ideal Schedule? I would love for you to pass on your suggestions or advice with other who are dealing with this in the comments below.

Dawn Wilkerson

Dawn Wilkerson has a black belt in client care. She helps the iBloom Team and our customers not only get it together but also remember where we put it. From techie to tedious, whatever your crisis, Dawn specializes in the details and she will help you get it fixed (or find the person who can) so that YOU can get back to work.


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